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This is LITERALLY the Worst: Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe to Leave Parks and Rec

Give me all the Perkins-and-Traeger you have.

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Come season 6, episode 13 of Parks and Rec, we will have to bid adieu to the beautiful perfect flower that is Ann Perkins and the unstoppable force of positivity and user of full names that is Chris Traeger. Dammit, guys.

When we left them at the end of season 5, the two were trying for a baby. With their departure likely hitting the stride of February sweeps, we can only speculate that no one would let them leave on a sad note — does this mean adorable little babies? Another marriage? Running off to fix up (and cheer up) the healthcare system?

And just how will Leslie survive without her best friend, when the pair couldn’t hold on to a fight for a single episode? The pair have been near inseparable since the show’s inception. Not to mention that Lowe’s character was intended to only appear for a few episodes, but managed to stick around for several seasons, ensuring a place in all our hearts.

Jones has a deal in place with Warner Bros., developing a piece with Will McCormack, while Lowe is slated to play JFK in National Geographic’s Killing Kennedy. And all of us NBC comedy fans, still reeling over the end of 30 Rock (hey, a show that awesome has a long mourning period) will have to somehow suck it up and move on.

Parks and Rec returns (in London!) September 26th.

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