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Revolutionize the Way You Spy on People With This iPhone Periscope

Maybe if the NSA had used one of these, none of us would have noticed.


Have you ever told a friend to pretend to pose for a picture that you can take a picture of a famous person behind them without feeling weird? You should feel weird. You think those celebrities don’t know what you’re doing? Come on. With this awesome magnetic periscope for smartphones by Brando, though, you won’t need friends to be your celebrity photo beards. Of course, now you’ll have to figure out how to position yourself at an exact 90 degree angle from the famous person at all times, but hey,  at least you don’t need friends anymore!

The periscope retails for about $20 and uses a series of mirrored lenses that attach to your phone’s camera with magnets. It’s also pretty great for taking pictures without your own shadow getting in the way as far as non-spying related technologies go. If you are going to spy on people, though, it’s an especially good investment. Not that we’re suggesting you should spy on people.

(Brando via BoingBoing)

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