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Instagram Socialmatic Camera Takes Instagram Polaroids

If you’re into unique, somewhat novelty gadgets and also taking pictures, ADR Studios’ concept Instagram Socialmatic Camera seems like it’s your kind of bag. It’s a digital camera modeled after the Instagram icon, that not only posts pictures to Instagram, but prints them out like Polaroids in Instagram theme.

It would sport all of the features a regular digital camera should, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 16 GB of storage, a 4:3 touchscreen (as Instagram takes square pictures), 2 different lenses, a QR code reader, and can be used as a webcam.

Aside from posting to Instagram, however, ADR Studios’ concept would print out the pictures, like a Polaroid, but on a sticky sheet similar to a Post-it note, so one can stick their pictures, we assume, all over. The sticky pictures would be printed with the Instagram user’s name, as well as a QR code so you can easily follow them on the photo-sharing network.

As this camera is only a concept, someone should probably point ADR Studios in the direction of Kickstarter.

(Thaeger via Technabob)

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