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Instagram Socialmatic Camera Takes Instagram Polaroids

If you're into unique, somewhat novelty gadgets and also taking pictures, ADR Studios' concept Instagram Socialmatic Camera seems like it's your kind of bag. It's a digital camera modeled after the Instagram icon, that not only posts pictures to Instagram, but prints them out like Polaroids in Instagram theme.

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The World’s First Portable Digital Camera, Complete With Cassette Tape

The first portable digital camera was a Frankenstein contraption, created by Steve Sasson and his team at Kodak in 1975, cobbled together from existing Kodak parts and other modern-at-the-time technology. The camera consisted of a Super-8 lens, 16 nickel-cadmium batteries, a charged-coupled device for converting light into digital signals, and, oddly, a digital cassette recorder. The images created consisted of 10,000 pixels, or 0.01 megapixels. For comparison, the camera on the iPhone 4S sports 8 megapixels.

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Lytro Camera Lets You Focus Pictures After Taking Them

Lytro, a company you've probably never heard of, recently announced a camera that features a new approach to photography that you're likely to be hearing a lot about in the next few years. Instead of producing a camera that packs more mega-pixels, or one that's lighter or cheaper, Lytro has taken the initative to try and change the photography industry by making a camera that takes digital photos that contain enough information to allow them to be focused after they are taken. Thats right, the picture above is two pictures of the same photo, refocused from Harry Potter to the girl on the lawn after the fact. ENHANCE! These data rich photos are taken using something called light field technology. In layman's terms it works something like this. When you take a picture, light is reflecting off various surfaces in various directions. A standard camera takes a 'shapshot' of what it sees, recording the light that's reflecting, but nothing about the direction. That gives you a standard photo. Light field pictures, however, also record information about the direction of the light, resulting in a picture that is more similar to a digital replica of the scene than a traditional 'picture' is. That is what lets you refocus.

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