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British Burglar Gives Police The Runaround, Expands House Arrest Area To Whole Block


While being fitted for an ankle monitor — the must-have spring accessory for any fashion forward petty criminal — a 16-year-old burglar in the United Kingdom had a brainstorm, taking off for a brisk run around his block before returning. The young convict wasn’t trying to escape his captors, though — just irk them. By taking a dash around the neighborhood while his ankle monitor was being set, the hoodlum expanded the range of his own captivity.

The young criminal, whose name was not released, waited until representatives from the G4S security company were setting his ankle monitor so it would alert police if he left his home or yard during curfew hours. To make sure the settings were accurate, they had the captive kid take a stroll around his house to set parameters for the device. Once he was out the door, though, the young man went fugitive — if only for a moment.

That was long enough to take a quick jog that gave him full reign of the neighborhood, though, much to the consternation of police officers, landlords and judges involved in the case. The range-broadening tactic was only discovered after he missed a mandated check in with his landlady but failed to set off the alarm on his ankle.

Granted, all the good that comes out of this for the young burglar is an expansion of his cell to one small neighborhood. Considering that his other option was being confined to just one house, though, it seems safe to say that the bad guys won this round, even if it was a small victory.

(via The Telegraph, image courtesy of ScramX)

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