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Dog Gives Away Burglary Suspect’s Hiding Place

This right here is why most criminals leave their dogs at home when they go out on burglaries.

Ever wondered why you hear a lot of talk about "cat burglars," but never so much as a peep about "dog burglars"? Well, it's because dogs make terrible burglars, as a San Antonio man learned when he brought his chihuahua along on a break-in earlier this week. After making a daring escape and hiding in the bushes, the growling of the dog gave away Gerardo Daniel Reyna's position to police, leading to his arrest. This is why, traditionally, dogs stay on the "security" end of crime. It plays to their strengths.

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British Burglar Gives Police The Runaround, Expands House Arrest Area To Whole Block

While being fitted for an ankle monitor -- the must-have spring accessory for any fashion forward petty criminal -- a 16-year-old burglar in the United Kingdom had a brainstorm, taking off for a brisk run around his block before returning. The young convict wasn't trying to escape his captors, though -- just irk them. By taking a dash around the neighborhood while his ankle monitor was being set, the hoodlum expanded the range of his own captivity.

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British Batman Goes Rogue, Is Arrested For Burglary

Feel like some news that doesn't involve a chain of human misery that seems to stretch out past the horizon and into the infinite? Yeah, us too. In the interest of that, Batman got arrested for burglary over the weekend. Well, not the real Batman, but Brit Stan Worby, who you may remember as the cape and cowl clad crusader who in February of this year caused a stir by dropping off a suspected criminal at a police station while dressed in full Dark Knight regalia.

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Maine Hermit Suspected in More Than 1,000 Burglaries Over 27 Years

Christopher Knight isn't exactly a people person. The 47-year-old Maine man has lived as a hermit in the woods of Maine for nearly 30 years, becoming a sort of local legend. Mr. Knight's latest interaction with other humans isn't likely to get him on board with the idea, either, as he was arrested last week while trying to steal food from a youth camp not far from the humble hovel he calls home. Authorities say it's likely not Knight's first felonious forage, and they suspect him in more than 1,000 burglaries over the years.

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Is Social Media Compromising the Security of Your Home? [Infographic]

When geolocation services started becoming more and more commonplace on social media sites, some commented that announcing your location was simply an invitation to burglary. While that may seem like an alarmist's response, perhaps it's not so far-fetched after all. Following the logic that it takes a thief to catch a thief, Credit Sesame -- the creators of the infographic -- turned to a study of former UK burglars. An overwhelming majority of them said that they not only use Google street view to stake out a mark before attempting a robbery, and that they checked social networking sites to see if the owners were home. That should certainly give you pause the next time you think about checking in to FourSquare. See the whole thing, with more surprising statistics, after the break.

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