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Honest Trailers Finally Tackles Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Sorry, I meant Star Wars: A Familiar Hope.


I’m sure that any of you who’ve re-watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week since its digital and Blu-Ray/DVD release have been reminded why you like the movie (I mean, if you already bought a copy, I presume you like it). But there are some aspects of the film that I can understand fans finding frustrating or confusing. In this Honest Trailer, Screen Junkies walks the line between unapologetic Star Wars stanning and level-headed criticism, particularly of The Force Awakens‘ many similarities with A New Hope.

Screen Junkies also address the complaints that Rey is “a Mary Sue,” bemoan Captain Phasma’s lack of screen time, and have a lot of questions about the relationship between Leia, Rey, and Chewie. They have nothing negative to say about BB-8 or Poe, and how could they? Those two are beyond reproach.

It’s been almost four months since The Force Awakens came out, so you’d think that some of my initial excitement would have faded by now and I’d be able to examine the movie through a cooler, more critical lens, but the glow still hasn’t faded for me. I can acknowledge the many similarities between A New Hope and The Force Awakens, but they really don’t bother me, nor do any of the other moments in the film that have been widely critiqued (the Rey/Leia hug, for example). Maybe another 4 months down the line, I’ll finally be less hype about this movie and its characters, but right now The Force Awakens and I are still enjoying our honeymoon period.


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