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Homestuck’s Andrew Hussie Clearly Knows His Target Audience, Now Working on Namco Dating Sim Game

Now the real question is, will he get to horrifically kill any of the characters?


namco high

Oh, Homestucks. We see you doing your thing and we’re often very confused, but we deeply admire your passion nonetheless. Hopefully the shippers among you (read as: all of you) will be pleased to know that Andrew Hussie is now working on a dating game — but using Namco Bandai video game characters. So no, it won’t have any trolls, but KOS-MOS is kinda like a big fancy soulbot, right? Am I using that term correctly?

The game will be called Namco High and takes place in a fictional crossover high school that all the Namco characters attend together. Presumably you will get to date a bunch of them. Possibly any and all of them at once, given how well-known Hussie is for pandering to his extensive shipping community. After all, characters in Homestuck can be paired off with each other regardless of gender, race, age, size of horns, time period, and any other factors you can possibly imagine.

ShiftyLook producer Rob Pereyada seems pretty stoked, stating, “There is no creator with more of a vibrant originality right now than Andrew Hussie. We are beyond excited to see where he takes these characters and the unique relationships that will literally unfold between them.”

Namco Bandai currently holds the rights to the characters of XenosagaTekkenSoul, Tales of Symphonia, XiliaThe IdolmasterAce Combat, and Baiten Kraitos Origins. They’ve also got Pac-Man as their mascot so you can bet that Hussie will manage to work him in somewhere too. I’m imagining a lot of Inky/Blinky slash fanart on the horizon.

The game is set to be released on ShiftyLook in late 2013, just before the holiday season.

(ShiftyLook via The Mary Sue, Polygon)

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