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Unscientific Poll of the Day: Japanese Women Inadequate Next to Dating Simulators


In a poll of over 300 Japanese women, half of them felt that they couldn’t compete with fake females.

When asked whether they thought they could win against a 2D game character their boyfriend was besotted with, 53% thought they had “no chance.”

Livedoor has the article, but it’s entirely in Japanese (Google Translate wasn’t much help), so we’re depending on Sankaku Complex and Kotaku for the info.

As for explanations, women said:

“There’s no way I can beat that level of cuteness.”

“Their personalities are nice and they have no flaws. Complete perfection.”

“They’re made to be the ideal girlfriend after all.”

“Because he has a manual any man can enjoy a game as much as he likes.”
“Because there is a (user’s) manual, he can create his ideal (girlfriend).” (Thanks, Greg.)

Actually we’re not really sure what the last one means.  Does the manual tell you how to win the game?

To recap: half of the women polled felt that they couldn’t compete with a virtual person designed to, after a challenge that isn’t so frustrating that you give up, like and reward the player.  I’m not sure whether that says more about the women involved, or the men, to be honest.

Don’t get me started on pillow girlfriends.

(via Kotaku and Sankaku Complex.)

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