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Guilermo Del Toro Continues To Be The Cutest In this Clip from Japanese TV [Video]

They don't call him "Totoro" for nothing.

For someone who dreams up such terrifying monsters for a living, Guillermo Del Toro seems like a remarkably sweet, down to earth guy. In this video, Del Toro goes on a tour of Odaiba Island to promote Pacific Rim‘s Japan release with actors Rinko Kinkuchi and Mana Ashida, but steals the show by acting like a big excited teddy bear the whole time.

Some awesome highlights:

– The reporter who accompanies them is so in awe of Del Toro that he tells them, “I don’t need to be paid for today, really.” I’m with ya there, buddy.

– Del Toro stops the tour to buy Rinko and Mana ice cream from a nearby truck. He even uses Yen instead of American money, which really shouldn’t be that impressive because that’s what you’re supposed to do in a foreign country.  Somehow watching Mana get excited that Del Toro’s got the right currency puts it over the top, though.

– When they get to the full size Gundam outside the DiverCity Tokyo plaza, Del Toro is rendered completely speechless with joy.

We also learn that apparently several of the jaegers in Pacific Rim were inspired by very specific models of Gundam — Cherno Alpha, for example, was inspired by the Zaku model, and Coyote Tango sports a look similar to that of the Guncannon.

Pacific Rim might have only opened in 5th place in Japan this weekend, but it’s made $344 million both in the U.S and worldwide so far. Hopefully all the people who shelled but money to see it were every bit as astonished by Del Toro’s jaegers as he was by this giant gundam model, because if so then we’ll be sure to get our sequel eventually.

(via Topless Robot, image via denipet)

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