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Guillermo Del Toro is Interested in Bringing Justice League Dark to The Big Screen

DC Comics isn’t nearly as organized about making movies as Marvel. They claim that they’re going to make a Justice League movie by 2015, but as far as we know Disney has made more progress on the new Star Wars. While DC’s uncertain future may be unfortunate for certain projects, it leaves the door open for other, less conventional projects. Guillermo Del Toro, creator of fantastically weird, dark films, may be looking to take advantage of the situation: According to io9, the Hellboy director has been talking to DC about making a movie based on Justice League Dark, the company’s supergroup comprised of darker heroes from imprint Vertigo.

If the idea is unfamiliar, Justice League Dark is a team-up story featuring a set of DC’s alternative characters. Most of the group have powers or abilities connected to magic or the occult, instead of the sci-fi and legend connected to the most famous DC heroes. Two members of the group — John Constantine and Swamp Thing — have already gotten the hollywood treatment, so they may be familiar to non-comic book fans. The majority of the group, however will probably be new to most people. The team is actually quite large, bringing together Swamp Thing, Constantine, Shade, Black Orchid, Zatara, Sargon, Deadman, and the Spectre.

Del Toro recently shot down rumors that he was working on securing the rights to certain characters for a Justice League Dark adaptation called Heaven Sent, but said that it’s something that he would “love to do.” The director supposedly followed up on the comment during a press junket for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, saying that he’s been talking with DC about doing such a film, but that they’re still in a very early stage of discussion, and that the name Heaven Sent came out of nowhere.

Is it just me, or does movie sound way more appealing than a old-fashioned JLA movie? There’s already one “traditional” team of superheroes at the box-office, maybe it’s time for DC to try a little something a little different.

(via io9, image credit: iFanboy)

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