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5 Things I Learned by Starting a Feminist Anime Website

*solidarity handclasp*

My new site Anime Feminist launched just a month ago, and I haven’t stopped learning since.

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Moé, Misogyny and Masculinity: Anime’s Cuteness Problem–and How to Fix It

It's adorably problematic!

Let’s talk critically about cuteness. Specifically, let’s talk about a subset of cuteness in Japanese 2D artistry: moé. (Two syllables: moh-eh. Not Moe like the bartender.)

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Stop Pretending “Sexy” and “Sexualized” Mean the Same Thing

We can have one without the other.

When you say “the objectification of women is a problem,” a whole lot of people hear “BAN BOOBS. AND BABES. NO BREASTS OR THEIR ATTACHED FEMALES ALLOWED IN ANY MEDIA EVER AND ANYONE WHO FINDS SUCH THINGS SEXY IS A SEXIST PIG.” But individual perceptions aren't the problem; it's how characters are presented to their audiences that's problematic.

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Hey Anime Fans: Stop Making Excuses for Fanservice [NSFW]

Mr. Otaku, tear down this wall of T&A!

Every year, anime fans wonder why Japanese animation isn’t being taken more seriously by critics. Annnd then the otaku shrug their shoulders and go back to conversations about who the best girl is, whose waifu is trash, and how irrational anyone must be to stop watching a show as soon as female characters show some T&A. How can we bring our fandom in line with more progressive geek fandoms?

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