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Multiple Groups Beat Diablo III in 7 Hours, Single Player Beats It In 12

Though Diablo III only released less than twenty-four hours ago, you can imagine that after waiting twelve years for Blizzard’s next clicktastic, hack-and-slash crawler, fans went hard in the paint. Like with new World of Warcraft level caps, there are always people who try to get to the “end” first, whatever the end is in any scenario. So, it’s probably no surprise that reports are surfacing around the web that multiple groups have already beaten Diablo III, and not very long after the 3 AM EST release time. The most compelling reports state that a single player beat the entire campaign in twelve hours and twenty-nine minutes, and two multiplayer groups, one of which comprised of four players, each have tackled the campaign in seven hours.

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The single player who beat the game, named Yoshichan, posted his end-game stats, and has a time of twelve hours and twenty-nine minutes. He made it to level 32 as a barbarian, playing on normal difficulty.

As for the multiplayer groups, one is a group of Korean players, while the other is a group of Chinese players. Both groups posted screenshots of a dead Diablo to prove they beat the game.

Korean screenshot:

Chinese screenshot:

So, if you’re gearing up to play some Diablo III and want your money’s worth but don’t feel seven to twelve hours is enough, either set out to make some mad bank in that real cash auction house and make actual money, or make sure you play a few more difficulty levels.

(via Joystiq, Tom’s Hardware)

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