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Gillian Anderson All for Reinventing James Bond, Calls Support “Flattering”

When Gillian Anderson first made a bid for succeeding Daniel Craig as James Bond, the Internet exploded with support and fan trailers. In an interview with Buzzfeed, where Anderson and Jamie Dornan appeared to promote their drama The Fall, the actress discussed her social media presence, thoughts on the new Bond, and feminist themes in The Fall.

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First, Anderson reveals that she’s “spent no time” on her hilarious #throwback Twitter posts, explaining, “The girl who runs my social media will send me things that she has found in her spare time and says, ‘What about this?’ And if I like it then I’ll come up with a quote.” So you’re saying Anderson doesn’t just have a folder on her computer titled “Silly David Duchovny Glamour Shots” that she dives into every few days? Awwww.

Concerning the Jane Bond tweet, Anderson was asks whether she thought the next Bond should be a woman. She replied, “Not necessarily. I think maybe we can reinvent what Bond is. Maybe he doesn’t have to fit into that paradigm. But it was flattering. It was a fun little thing that ran for a little while.” While we might not get a Jane Bond, Anderson’s comment touches on the possibilities of a new and refreshing take on the iconic character. While some fantastic female names have come up in the new Bond conversationPriyanka Chopra, Emilia Clarke, etc.campaigns for Idris Elba, Adrian Lester, and other men have also gained a lot of momentum as compelling and exciting departures from the white male Bonds we’ve seen from so long.

Still, Anderson’s role as Stella on The Fall and what she calls an exploration of “the nature of the endemic patriarchal society that she finds herself in, in the police force” just highlight how great she would be as Jane Bond. Alas, we’ll always have our fan trailers and dreams.

(via Buzzfeed, Featured Image via BBC)

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