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Chronicle Our Descent Into Madness via Social Media

The Internet is home to some of the best and some of the worst things that will ever beam into your eyeholes. From important, hard-hitting, world-changing news, to baby giraffes chasing butterflies, to ShayeSaintJohn, to giant waterbugs eating baby turtles, to whatever this horrifying thing is. The Internet is a roller coaster with only two types of track, up and down, both of which are directly adjacent to one another, infinitely repeating at dizzying angles. Since it is essentially our job to become one with the Internet so you don’t have to, one of the best parts about Geekosystem is that you can watch our slow descent into madness via your social media platform of choice. We’re everywhere. Omnipresent, if you will, and we’re on the cusp of insanity. We are become Internet.

We’re all Twitter mavens, except for Max, for he is a hotdog princess, as one can see below. Twitter is the most convenient of social media platforms, so if you want to monitor how long it takes until we reach the bottom of our Internet madness spiral and begin to exclusively write about Bootsy Collins or beards, following us on Twitter is probably the easiest way to do so: .

Did you know we’re on Facebook? You can get your timely, important Geekosystem posts right on your favorite social media vehicle for simulated farming games! Follow us there:

Or if you want to stick it to the Facebook Man, you can follow us on Google+, where we stick it to various faces and also men. Let’s stick it to faces together.

Of course, if you’re into puns, you could follow us on Pinterest, where we pin interests: Follow Me on Pinterest

Also, we like to do our giveaways and contests via social media platforms, so keeping abreast of how we social medialy do is generally a good way to win free phones, t-shirts, books, or whatever we have to give. We also make up conjugation like social medialy. How can you not be various kinds of down?

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