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Listen to the Stark Kids Beatbox the Game of Thrones Theme Song [Video]

The opening theme for Game of Thrones is epic and all, but — and there’s no denying the truth, people — it just doesn’t resonate with the easily bored kids of today. While the music no doubt gets our blood pumping for that winning combination of swords and sorcery, it does absolutely nothing to pique that sense of vicarious adventure in the youth element. Placing ourselves in the shallow and misinformed mind of a network executive at HBO, how would we go about getting them excited about Game of Thrones? Simple: Get those crazy kids from House Stark — Sansa, Arya, and Bran — to give that totally square theme tune some overdue urban flair through the power of beatboxing, that’s how! All we have to say is, score one for HBO’s marketing department!

On second thought, listening to this only makes us pine even more for the Game of Thrones theme sung by that dog many moons ago, by which we mean over the past summer. We don’t know his — her? — name, but HBO better find out and fly that dog on down for a recording session. Sorry, kids from House Stark, but you just can’t compete with such a talented little pup.

(via BuzzFeed, image via YouTube)

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