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Game of Thrones Set to Seinfeld Music and Laugh Track [Video]

Game of Thrones is a truly epic series with engaging characters, compelling story lines, and so much nudity. It’s nearly the perfect television show, but there’s something missing. That something is a laugh track and the slap and pop bass grooves of the Seinfeld theme song. Thankfully, someone has finally put them all together.

YouTube user matincomedy has truly pleased the Old Gods and the New with his bit of editing magic. The video takes a few scenes from Game of Thrones and gives them the old 90’s sitcom polish it so richly deserves. We probably wouldn’t want to watch an entire Game of Thrones episode like this, but for the two minutes and nine seconds that this video lasts we’re completely on board. We recommend scrubbing back and watching Tyrion Lannister smack Prince Joffrey across the face on repeat a few times for full effect.

(via YouTube)

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