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Konami Challenges You to Tell the Difference Between the Next Metal Gear Solid Engine and Real Life


We all know the Metal Gear Solid isn’t done, even though Metal Gear Solid 4 tried really, really hard to end the series (and would’ve been a satisfactory send-off at that), and Konami likes to remind us about the continuing saga from time to time. This time, though, Konami showed off the Fox Engine, which is the engine being used to develop that next MGS. Instead of simply showing off the incredible visuals of which the engine is capable, they placed said visuals next to shots from real life and challenged us to pick which was computer generated. Left column or right column?

If you guessed the right column, you know your stuff or are a good guesser. What immediately did it for me was the red chair in the foreground, the padding doesn’t overlap and is flush with the plastic part, unlike the chairs from the left column.

Either way, the comparison is astonishing. Sure, there is almost no way the next Metal Gear Solid will look that lifelike, and tech demos are specifically designed to be impressive, but man, this sure is one impressive tech demo. To show that the right column was the computer generated one, they put a horse all over it. What? That’s how you show things are computer generated.

Konami has been developing this engine for around four years, having started development not too long after the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 back in 2008, so in another three or four years when Metal Gear Solid 5 releases, there might be some very pretty office chairs to sneak around.

(Konami via Ars Technica)

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