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The Foot-Long Cheeseburger: Seriously, Carl’s Jr., What Is Your Problem

Counterpoint to the previous post: Carl’s Jr. is rolling out a foot-long cheeseburger. For a mere $4 ($4.50 if you want things on it that are not meat and cheese), you too can own a foot-long cheeseburger.

The existence of Carl’s Jr.’s cheeseburger, which is being tested in select markets and which the Orange County Register describes as “three tiny round patties carefully placed between a Hoagie-style bun,” raises important  questions. For instance: At what point does a hoagie containing three beef patties cease to be a hoagie and become a long hamburger? Also, is there a God?

Nutritional information for the foot-long burger is suspiciously absent from Carl’s Jr.’s website.

(via OC Register, Serious Eats. Thanks, Lindsey.)

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