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Flight Attendant Turns Safety Demonstration Into Comedy Routine, Because Flying’s Not Awful Enough Already

So then the flight attendant says...

Commercial air travel is one of the worst, most frustrating ways to get around. Southwest flight attendant Martha Cobb decided to mix things up and turn her in-flight safety briefing into a comedy routine. She got laughs, so at least some of her passengers were into it, but please — other flight attendants — don’t start doing this.

I’m all for comedy, but in context. I don’t give safety instructions in the middle of a comedy set, and when I’m flying I just want to get where I’m going and be bothered as little as possible. I don’t think I’m alone. To Martha’s credit, the fact that she got any laughs at all from a plane full of people who probably just want to put on headphones and read Sky Mall is impressive. Even so, the in-flight safety briefing is enough of a nuisance without the flight attendant trying to make jokes.

(via NBC News, image via Marty SWA Flight Attendant)

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