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Flight Attendant Turns Safety Demonstration Into Comedy Routine, Because Flying’s Not Awful Enough Already

So then the flight attendant says...

Commercial air travel is one of the worst, most frustrating ways to get around. Southwest flight attendant Martha Cobb decided to mix things up and turn her in-flight safety briefing into a comedy routine. She got laughs, so at least some of her passengers were into it, but please -- other flight attendants -- don't start doing this.

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Southwest Airlines Owes an Estimated 5.8 Million Alcoholic Drinks to Passengers

Turns out, businesses offering folks free vouchers or coupons that don't include expiration dates is probably not a good idea. If something changes, and those businesses suddenly decide to stop honoring those vouchers, they could find themselves in hot water. That's what happened with Southwest Airlines. See, the company had previously offered free drink vouchers to their Business Select passengers as an added incentive. They changed their policy, basically voided all of the old vouchers, were sued, and are now on the hook for around 5.8 million free drinks thanks to a recent settlement.

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Box of “40 to 60” Human Heads Found in Southwest Airlines Shipment

A Southwest Airlines employee recently alerted authorities after discovering "40 to 60" human heads in a box bound for shipment to Fort Worth, which was not labeled to describe the fact that it had 40 to 60 human heads inside it.

It's not quite as horrifying as it sounds -- the attendant's fear wasn't that the heads were put there by a stabby serial killer, but that they were merely being run in an underground black market for human body parts, which the shipper of the disembodied heads disputes -- but we're still kinda creeped out to find that "the transport of heads and other human body parts aboard commercial airliners isn't all that uncommon" for medical research purposes.

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Kevin Smith vs. Southwest: Now The Latest Bizarre Chinese Computer Animation

Adult Swim News (otherwise known as the Chinese program Apple Daily) recaps the entirety of the Kevin Smith/Southwest Airlines conflict, from the seating, to the ousting, to the tweeting, to the podcasting, to the... the angry mob marching through the streets?

As always, there's no translation from the Chinese, so hit the jump for your daily, physician recommended, dose of surreality.

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Shocker: Kevin Smith still not too Happy with Southwest Airlines

Kevin Smith's recent spat with Southwest Airlines may have given us a new corollary to "never get involved in a land war in Asia": Don't detain a beloved cult director with 1.65 million Twitter followers for being "too fat to fly" (Smith's words) when he's already onboard the plane, stridently defending your "Customer of Size" policy while offering him a $100 voucher (Smith: "the way a john tosses a hooker a c-note"), and then take to your weirdly capitalized corporate blog -- which is lined with peanuts, by the way -- to passive-aggressively 'apologize' to "Not So Silent Bob." Referring to him as "Not So Silent Bob" being a great way to show a 'with it' knowledge of his films and also to say: Hey guy, stop complaining about this incident on Twitter already. Well, Kevin Smith is still 'not so silent' about the Southwest Airlines incident. After innumerable Tweets about the incident yesterday, many of which were self-made or retweeted fat jokes, Smith is back today, and it sounds like the offered c-note did not win him over.

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