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These Pokémon Watercolors Will Haunt Your Dreams

The wide world of Pokémon inspires some rather, shall we say, “interesting” pieces of art at times. The vast majority of such works are amateur at best, but sometimes there’s an artist that manages to apply the franchises’ monster inhabitants to a form that’s truly fantastic. That’s where Wednesday Wolf comes in. Wolf’s Pokémon watercolors put the emphasis on “monster” in “pocket monster.” The paintings have even drawn comparisons to a certain set of art from one Stephen Gammell.

Gird thy loins; we’ve collected the best of Wolf’s watercolors and compiled them into a gallery. Some are creepier than others, obviously, but the spine-tingling part comes when imagining a world where these critters would exist. If something that’s normally undeniably cute can be this monstrous, there’s no telling what could happen.

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