Tae-oh and Inha's confrontation at Episode 10 of The Impossible Heir

It’s All About To Go Downhill in Episode 11 of ‘The Impossible Heir’

We’ve all established that Kang Inha (Lee Jun-young) from The Impossible Heir is irredeemable. He’s willing to go low just to get what he wants, and he just added attempted parricide to his laundry list of crimes.

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It’s not like Chairman Kang Jung-mo (Choi Jin-ho), Inha’s father, was a good guy either. He should’ve acknowledged Inha sooner. Jung-mo found out that In-joo (Han Sang-jin), his other son, was killed by Inha. Even with that knowledge, he was still willing to let Inha go and avoid the consequences of his crime. Inha is unfortunately ambitious to a fault, so he wasn’t walking away, even if it meant having to drown his own father during his heart attack.

I’m not even surprised at Inha’s level of depravity at this point, but we might finally see him get his comeuppance in the eleventh episode of The Impossible Heir on April 3, 2024.


If there’s anyone who can put Inha in his place, it’s none other than Han Tae-oh (Lee Jae-wook). He was responsible for helping Inha work his way up in the Kangoh Group, so he could surely undo Inha. Tae-oh has plenty of reasons to bring Inha down, like attempted murder and wrongful imprisonment, to name a few. He’s already set the stage, and just as Hye-won said, it’s all up to Tae-oh to pull the trigger.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tae-oh became the next chairman of Kangoh instead. If that does happen, the title of the K-drama would be prophetic in favor of Tae-oh. Although highly intelligent and skilled, he doesn’t come from a prestigious family. Despite all the attempts against his life, if Tae-oh becomes the next chairman, he will truly be The Impossible Heir.

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