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Here’s a Trio of Doom 3 Models Dancing to “Gangnam Style”


Some might say that PSY‘s massively popular “Gangnam Style” has already saturated the Internet, airwaves, and popular culture in general. They might be right, but there’s an argument to be made that we’re through the looking glass, people. We’ve gone too far. The only way to truly move up and out is through embracing everything that is “Gangnam Style” with open arms. PlayCanvas understands, as they’ve provided a trio of Doom 3 models dancing to “Gangnam Style” in WebGL. It’s pretty much the bottom of the Internet, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Sure, the Internet has had its far share of weirdness over the years, but this is probably high on my list of favorites. You can interact with it yourself here. First glance makes it look like the models are just doing their thing, but you can actually click on it to change your camera angle and it supports the standard WASD configuration, as well as the arrow keys, for movement.

The models will prance about regardless of anything else, but moving the point of view to within their path makes for a somewhat surreal experience. Oh, there’s also a mute button in the corner for those that just can’t do more “Gangnam Style” but find the idea of Doom 3 character models doing the dance amusing.

Those that have had entirely too much “Gangnam Style” might instead find themselves wishing they one of the signature Doom weapons handy.

(PlayCanvas via Hacker News)

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