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Alleged Sexual Predator Donald Trump Really Wants You to Vote for Alleged Sexual Predator Roy Moore, Because Taxes

After weeks of skirting around the issue, Donald Trump has finally leaned the hell into his misogyny and basically endorsed Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. Moore, you will remember, has been accused of molesting a fourteen-year-old and preying on multiple teenage girls, and has refused to drop out of the race.

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Earlier today, Trump tweeted out the below rant about Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, a man who put KKK murderers in prison and has been accused of molesting exactly zero fourteen-year-olds.

In short, Trump believes it is more repulsive to vote for a man who would raise taxes than it is to vote for a man who’s been accused of molesting multiple teenagers. Make America Great Again, everyone.

Now, to be fair, Trump doesn’t mention Moore by name, and he felt the need to couch his pretty-much-a-Moore-endorsement with a reminder that he initially endorsed Luther Strange, rather than Moore, in the Alabama Republican primary. (Trump later deleted his tweets in support of Strange after Strange lost the primary. Loyalty!) So when even Donald “There Are Some Fine People Among Those Nazis” Trump is ashamed to be associated with you, that’s at least a sign that a modicum of shame still exists on the right.

But only a modicum.

I doubt that these tweets surprise anyone, but the apocalyptic fervor with which Trump talks about Doug Jones is something else. It suggests some heartening worries from the Republicans, as Jones closes the gap in polls, but it also speaks to the heart of the conservative mindset. As Al Franken submits his actions to a congressional ethics review, and as Representative John Conyers steps down from his leadership position on the House Judiciary Committee, you have to wonder why Republicans don’t feel the same need to clean their house.

But then you remember. We know why. Because Trump himself, accused of sexual harassment and assault by 16 different women, is still in the White House. Both Vivian and Princess have written about the inevitability of conservative support for Roy Moore, and the fact that Republicans can stomach any crime as long as it’s a conservative politician committing it. Though Trump continues to prove himself as the perfect avatar of race-to-the-bottom Republican rot, the moral decay is far deeper and wider than one man.

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