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Dog Pushes Wheelchair During Flood, Makes Everyone Feel Better About Natural Disasters in General [Video]

Oh god the easy stereotypical joke is coming I can't stop it he -- IN RUSSIA, DOG WALKS YOU.


Usually I consider myself a cat person, but even I know that dogs beat cats in the “being useful” department most of the time. For one thing, I sure know that my cat would never push my wheelchair to safety in the middle of a flooded street like this dog was caught doing in Russia. And she certainly wouldn’t look so gosh darned happy about it. Also, if I had a wheelchair, she’d probably sit in it while I was asleep and refuse to get out of it to let me in. Wait, why am I a cat person again?

As is with most videos coming of of Russia, we have no idea where this was shot or what’s actually happening. What we do know is that it is supposedly Russian, and that is was taken with a mobile phone camera. Other than that, all we can do is marvel at the mystery.

The people who took the video have been getting a lot of flak in the YouTube comments for driving away, but you know what? I’m not sure I would have done any differently. Clearly that dog is in total control of the situation at hand. His owner seems to think so, too, or he wouldn’t be waving them away so dismissively. You can just tell he’s saying, “it’s okay, guys, don’t stop. My dog’s totally got this.”

(via Metro, image via Jon Fowler)

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