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“Bigger On The Inside” Is The Doctor Who Mixtape You Never Knew You Wanted

More Or Les's tunes make Doctor Who way cooler than it is already.

Bigger On The Inside

If you love Doctor Who and amazing music, a) congratulations on being an awesome person, and b) have we got a treat for you! With “Bigger on the Inside: A Time Traveler’s Mixtape,” More or Les has taken the most iconic Who tunes, mixed them, and then dropped some fantastic words on top.

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My personal favorite track is “Travel Companions,” an ode to the Doctor’s intrepid assistants from Susan to Amy, set over a mix of the tear-inducing track from “Doomsday.” A close second, though, would be “Bigger on the Inside,” because what would a Doctor Who mixtape be without a remix of the iconic theme song?

More or Les doesn’t want you to pay for the album – it’s his free fan fic-esque love letter to Doctor Who – so just download and enjoy. If you want to show him some support, you can purchase any of his other original music!

I’ll just be over here, imagining the Doctor jamming to this in the TARDIS.

(via More Or Les, image via Bandcamp)

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