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What, No, We’re Definitely Not Crying Because Of This Gorgeous Doctor Who Animation

Nope. Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of grown adults who aren't weeping.

We refuse to stop talking about Doctor Who until the anniversary special airs tomorrow, okay? WE REFUSE. Anyway, here’s a breathtaking animation by Richard Swarbrick that celebrates all 50 years through time and space. It’s got the sad music from “Doomsday” in it, so get your tissues ready, guys.

Now that we’ve all had a good cry, let’s try to console ourselves by imagining the above video, but with A-Ha’s “Take On Me” underneath it. Better right? Much better.

take on me


[UPDATE] Oh god, we did it. We did the thing. Click here and then mute the left video. Just do it.

(via Geeks are Sexy)

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