Disney's Encanto starring Stephanie Beatriz.

Disney’s Encanto Drops Teaser Trailer and My Latina Heart Is Already in Love

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Disney’s Encanto feels like something impossible coming to life. And no, I don’t mean the magic, which is stunning from beginning to end. A couple of years ago, I think this movie would’ve been impossible because of Coco. Why? Because Hollywood is guilty of making a thing and then pointing at it as if to say, “See, we did a good thing! Pat us on the back for giving you the representation you deserve and know that we checked a box and that’s all you need, right?” Wrong. I need more, and I’m glad to see it happen with the first teaser trailer for the animated musical Encanto.

The Latinx community is so rich, diverse, and different that I welcome the exploration of a Colombian family. Especially when the lead Mirabel is played by Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Because Mirabel isn’t like the rest of her magically talented family. She doesn’t have the super-strength, the ability to change her appearance at the drop of a dime, or create beauty via nature with almost little to no effort. No, Mirabel has none of that and is the only one in her family without a special gift. But this is Disney so you know everything isn’t quite as it seems.

According to Polygon, a threat looms on the horizon for the Madrigal family. A danger that threatens their entire way of living and the magic that their family possesses. And of course, the one person who can save them all is Mirabel. Initially, it seems a bit predictable, but I honestly am fine with it if it means I get to see more of this beautiful world. Because from the intricate details on the clothes to the sprawling home, this is Colombia and it’s absolutely stunning. So, here’s hoping this isn’t the last Latinx adventure because the Caribbean and so many other communities are right there!

Encanto is directed by Byron Howard, best known for directing Zootopia and Tangled. He’s also joined by Jared Bush, best known for writing Moana and Zootopia. Most importantly, because representation is just as important behind the scenes as it is in front of them, Latina Charise Castro Smith collaborated with Bush on the screenplay for Encanto. Castro Smith is known for her work on Sweetbitter, The Haunting of Hill House, and The Exorcist. Here’s hoping that she wasn’t the only Latina on set and that Colombian voices were given a chance to shine. Lastly, the music for Encanto is done by the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, pretty much guaranteeing that as some point this movie will make me cry.

Encanto hits theaters this Fall on November 24, 2021.

(image: Disney)

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