Kagaya setting his house on fire with Muzan in Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc

‘Demon Slayer’ Won’t Have a Fifth Season—but It’s Not Over!

Ufotable broke bounds with the release of the last episode of Demon Slayer season four. Muzan is in deep trouble, and the Demon Slayer Corps has been preparing for his demise.

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Who would’ve thought death could look so visually stunning? Kagaya, at his very last moments, decided to blow up the Ubuyashiki Mansion. It’s gruesome to think that he blew it up with himself and his wife, but this was a sacrifice he was willing to make to put an end to Muzan. Now that the Ubuyashiki Mansion is in flames, it’s all up to the Demon Slayer Corps and the Hashiras to honor Kagaya’s sacrifice.

But of course, Muzan isn’t going down without a fight. This is a man who selfishly killed others in the quest for immortality. Now, the Hashiras, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu have fallen into Muzan’s Infinity Castle.

What to expect with infinity castle

There’s no better way to watch everything conclude than with a movie. Instead of getting a new season, Demon Slayer will get a movie trilogy to adapt the Infinity Castle Arc. There’s no official release date for the first Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle movie yet, but it’s highly speculated to make its debut within 2025.

We all know that the goal of the Demon Slayer Corps is to end Muzan. But before they could even land a scratch on him, they’d have to face the remaining Upper Moon demons that lurk within the castle. All of the Hashira notably have bad blood with the Upper Moons, making the fights in the upcoming movies feel personal.

For starters, Upper Moon 3, Akaza, killed Rengoku. Tanjiro, who was supposed to be Rengoku’s tsuguko, will be fighting Akaza in the coming movie. Shinobu, the Insect Hashira, and Inosuke both have a complicated history with Upper Moon 2, Doma. Even Zenitsu, who had been a coward for most of the series, will be fighting with his eyes open to avenge his master in the upcoming movie.

Everything boils down to killing Muzan, but every member of the Demon Slayer Corps has many losses to avenge.

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