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Danny DeVito’s out of Context ‘Little Demon’ Tweets Caused Twitter Chaos

Danny DeVito Always Sunny

Danny DeVito is a staple in many households. As part of a large Italian family, we love him on principal (that and his take on the Penguin in Batman Returns looked exactly like my grandfather). So, whenever DeVito tweets something out into the world, I take it as my gospel—which is why, when he tweeted something absolutely out of left field, I just went with it.

The reality is that DeVito spent the night live-tweeting along with the premiere of his new show, Little Demon, where he voices Satan alongside his daughter, Lucy DeVito, and Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza. The problem is that Danny DeVito is the embodiment of chaos in the best of ways and just tweeted his thoughts out into the world without using a hashtag, so some of his tweets landed in the timeline of people who had no idea what was going on.

When in doubt, just trust Danny DeVito. The tweet that I saw that I just said, “Okay, time to retweet,” without giving a sh*t (as DeVito would say) read as follows: “I’d rather fist a dog than be in a relationship. Piss my pants!”

Beneath the tweet were countless concerned fans asking DeVito what was going on—just a sea of concern that was honestly very sweet to see. Everyone just loves him so much and wants him to be safe and obviously people were concerned by this given his relationship with Rhea Perlman since the ’80s became a public conversation in 2012 when the two split, and their separation continues to baffle fans (given the fact that they’re not getting divorced but are not together). And out of context, it does seem a bit aggressive given the fact that Perlman and DeVito seem to have a fine relationship still, even though it isn’t romantic.

But then, quickly, it just became obvious that DeVito wasn’t told to hashtag his tweets because he then tweeted “Take route 302 straight up your ass” so …

It is so very much who Danny DeVito is in my eyes that he just caused chaos on Twitter and kept on tweeting without changing a thing—just put out a tweet at the start that this was what he was doing and went with it. And really, you have to respect it.

I’ll be your grandkid, Danny

On this new press tour, Danny DeVito also did the Wired “The Web’s Most Searched Questions” interview and in it, he said that he doesn’t have grandkids yet. And after this tweet storm and my lifelong love of DeVito, I have decided that if Danny DeVito wants to adopt me as his granddaughter, I will gladly take the role.

I love Danny DeVito so much, and if his tweets are any sort of indication, he’s just the kind of man who doesn’t care what people say about him and he’s going to say (and tweet) whatever he wants. Including how he’d rather fist a dog than be in a relationship.

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