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Community Report Season 5 Episode 12 “Basic Story”

The Dean has perfectly captured my feelings about this season ending in the next episode.

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Last night’s Community was the beginning of the show’s two-part season five finale, and things got about as weird as you’d expect. The school is in danger once again, and this time, there might not be a whole lot the Save Greendale Committee can do about it, but that won’t stop them from trying.

At the beginning, the Committee and the campus are all feeling pretty good and content, and there’s not really a whole lot going on, which is starting to get to Abed, because it’s the most boring thing to happen since Britta dated Troy.


OK, sure, the Britta dating Troy line actually comes from Jeff. You got me.


He insists there’s got to be a story, because Greendale is a crazy place where crazy things happen. Of course, he’s absolutely right, because Abed.


There’s an insurance appraiser coming to evaluate the school, and the Dean’s worried. Unfortunately, they can’t do anything to stop it, despite Shirley bringing up some excellent points.


Jeff calms everyone down and insists everything’s going to be fine, because they fixed the school. There will be no story in this episode, because nothing bad is going to happen. Of course, Abed doesn’t want to accept that, but Jeff convinces him it’s for the best. He convinces Abed that, if there’s a story, it’s about Greendale getting shut down, and then there’d be no more stories.

Yeah, this episode was pretty self-referential for the show considering its struggles, which is something Community has always excelled at. So, Abed spends a good chunk of the episode running away from the story, because no one wants Greendale to run out of stories.


Yes. Literally running.

The appraiser arrives, and despite his best efforts,


he just can’t find anything wrong with Greendale, because the Save Greendale Committee fixed it. Unfortunately, that makes it an asset, and the school board members decide to sell it, because it’s actually worth something. So, Greendale is in danger again, and there is no escape from the story, because Greendale has to run out of stories sometime.


They sell it to Subway, which moves in and turns it into a Subway college to teach people how to run Subway restaurants, because, sure—why not?


Annie comes up with a foolproof social media campaign to save the school, and the show reminds us all that a bunch of nerds on the Internet can’t save it if NBC wants to cancel it.


So, Jeff and Britta have one of those rare moments when they remember they’re full grown adults at a community college, and they decide to do what people do, which is apparently impulsively get married. They don’t quite make it, because they take a quick detour to make sure they’ve… properly broken-in the new study room table.


But, they’re interrupted by the rest of the group (minus Shirley, who is probably somewhere with her kids), who have found the episode’s cliffhanger to lead into the finale’s part two. They found out there’s buried treasure somewhere on campus, and they’re… well… excited about it.



Chang has been spying on them for Subway, though, so we should get some classic Chang vs. Study Group action next week for the finale.

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