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You Can Now Get Community’s MeowMeowBeenz for Your Phone in Real Life

I always knew Windows Phone would destroy society as we know it.



Reddit set out to make Community‘s society-collapsing ratings app, MeowMeowBeenz, a reality, and that dream is one step closer now that you can actually download the app for your phone. Right now, it’s a proof-of-concept app that shows off the UI and function, but the ratings system support on the backend is coming just around the corner.

Right now, the app is available to Windows Phone users, so if you know someone who actually owns a Windows Phone, be prepared to feel jealous of it for the first time in your life. There’s also a version on the Google Play store, but that one doesn’t intend to ever work in a full ratings system and instead lets you assign your own ratings to things on your phone for fun. The description on the Windows Phone app store states:

This is a proof of concept for MeowMeowBeenz!
Once the API and backend are ready this will become a full fledged MeowMeowBeenz app!

vixez gives 1 meowmeowbeen to you for downloading

The app itself doesn’t have any ratings yet on the store, which just goes to show how badly the world is in need of encouragement to rate things. Alternately, it could just mean that no one uses a Windows Phone. For the rest of us, we can take a look at how the concept app functions courtesy of a video by its creator:

Or, here are some screenshots of the current Google version:

2014-03-31 14.32.32

Senior Editor Glen Tickle’s baby outranks you.

2014-03-31 14.36.24

Though, I score low marks for participation in her birthday party.

Unfortunately, Apple’s review process is a little more strict, and they’ve rejected the MeowMeowBeenz app. However, with a loosely bound team of Redditors all working on the app, it’s hard to know exactly why it got rejected and whether they’ll try again. It’s possible that it will get through when it’s eventually finished.

So, come on, Apple. Let us have our ratings app. Or, we could all just get non-Apple phones. I mean, what is it with Twos and apples, anyway? You can choose different fruits. Mix it up.

(via Reddit, image via Community and Glen Tickle’s screenshots)

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