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Just Try and Get Comfy in This Hotel Room Surrounding a Clock Tower


Originally built in 1912, the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station in Belgium has stood watch over 100 years of progress. Now, for the first time, viewers can have a more intimate view of the station’s enormous time-keeping edifice in a temporary hotel room. Completely surrounding the station’s clock some 75 feet off the ground, staying there would be an unforgettable experience. Though you’re surely not going to get much sleep. 

The work of Japanese artist Tazu Rous, the so-called Gent Hotel is intended to recontextualize a familiar monument. Though millions of people have looked up at the clock in the past century, few have ever seen it like this. And no one has ever lived with the very public building in an intimate setting.

The cost of a single night with the enormous clock is 105 Euros, or $131 USD. While an astoundingly reasonable price, you might have some trouble booking your stay. As of June 1, the hotel has been fully booked. There are tours available, however.

In case you’re still not sure why this is impressive, please see the following image.

(I Love Belgium via Neatorama)

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