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Oh, Okay: Marvel Announces Civil War Reboot, We Think

If only there was some big nerd convention this weekend where you could have told us this news!

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“Are Captain America and Iron Man fighting over who gets to have that Spider Guy as their boyfriend?” —The Mary Sue’s editor-at-large Susana Polo, upon seeing the above teaser image for the newly announced Civil Wars reboot. Wait, what happened to the Secret Wars reboot? Is that already old and busted?

Alas, we’re guessing that this reworking of the original 2006-2007 Mark Millar series will not be about Tony and Steve engaging in a Betty and Veronica-style game of tug-o-war over the Iron Spider—you know, since the first one was all about the two clashing over an intense political allegory of personal freedom over national security. However, we don’t know much more than that, other than that the first issue will be out in Summer 2015.

If this news feels just the teensiest bit underwhelming, look at it this way: we’re getting a Squirrel Girl and a Gwen Stacey Spider-Woman ongoing series soon, as well as a lot of other female-led titles (both as protagonists and creators) in the near future. So I guess they had to do something to keep old guard types happy. Here you go, people who complain that women aren’t the target demographic for comics: have some various rebooted wars. We’ll be here geeking out over Ms Marvel, but you have fun! We bet it’ll be great!

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