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New The Last of Us: Part II Trailer Is Harrowing AF

The new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II, which Sony debuted at its Paris Games Week showcase leading up to the main event later this week, focuses on new characters, and is harrowing AF.

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Brianna Wu Is Killing Virtual Nazis to Raise Funds for Her Congressional Campaign

She will also talk about her plans to grow the U.S. economy

To raise funds for her MA-8 congressional campaign, Brianna Wu will stream a Twitch playthrough of Wolfenstein II in which she kills virtual Nazis and discusses her plans for the U.S. economy. Multitasking!

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Here’s What It Would Take for eSports to Be Included in the Olympics

In a recent statement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said, "competitive eSports could be considered as a sporting activity," but "in order to be recognized by the IOC as a sport, the content of eSports must not infringe on the Olympic values."

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Meet Hessonite, the Villainous New Steven Universe Gem Voiced by Christine Baranski

Hessonite, a pompous Homeworld commander who plans to steal the Prism from Steven, will debut in the Steven Universe: Save the Light RPG.

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Gotta Love Wolfenstein II’s Strongly Anti-Nazi, Pro-Nazi-Punching Stance

The main thing Wolfenstein hinges on is fighting Nazis, so you'd think it wouldn't be such a surprise for the newest game in the franchise to take a strong anti-Nazi stance. Then again, you might also think that being strongly anti-Nazi would be implicit enough not to have to be a "stance" in 2017, so here we are.

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How Darkwood Became a Horror Game That is PTSD-Inclusive

It's been a long time since I've played a horror game. Not because I don't love them in that Halloween masochistic way, I do – but because I can't handle them anymore. My post-traumatic stress disorder has made it almost impossible to last longer than five minutes in any given horror title.

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Watch Live as TMS Plays the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta!

Welcome, Mary Sue readers! We're taking the Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer beta for a spin this evening!

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Mario, True Villain, Was Indeed Supposed to Be Punching Yoshi in Super Mario World

Sprites in video games were a frequent cause for confusion back in the day, causing frequent arguments over just what some of them were supposed to be. Before the internet, it was also a lot harder to hash out who was right, but now we have access to nearly endless (and largely useless) knowledge, and we're finally getting answers—some of them mildly disturbing.

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TMS Plays Dragon Ball FighterZ

This weekend is the closed beta for Arc System Works' upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ, and TMS is taking the game for a spin! Watch above as I lose spectacularly because traditional fighting games aren't really my area of expertise, but I plan to enjoy myself while doing it!

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A Neural Network Invents D&D Spells, and Decides “Dave” Is the Most Magical Name Of All

Research scientist Janelle Shane has trained a neural network to generate Dungeons & Dragons spells, with wonderful results like Curse Clam, Dance of Sack, Poxsare, and Cursing wink.

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The Biggest News of Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Was … Mario’s Nipples?

Yesterday, in a Nintendo Direct presentation, the world saw more Mario than it ever bargained for—and I don't just mean yet another demo of Super Mario Odyssey when fans were really pulling for a more unexpected surprise. I'm talking, of course, about the debut of a shirtless Mario.

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What’s Happening in Today’s Nintendo Direct? Watch Here for Mario Odyssey, Switch News, and More.

Earlier this week, Nintendo dropped the news that today would feature a Nintendo Direct presentation, where the company has lately been announcing new products and more throughout the year, rather than bunching up everything at E3. With the holiday season approaching, the Direct is set to focus on what's coming to Switch and 3DS in the near future, but details are otherwise scarce.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Is the Remake Metroid II Deserves

8 out of 10.

The original Game Boy title Metroid II: Return of Samus was a bit of an oddball for the Metroid series, with its largely linear gameplay and cramped environments, compared to the series' knack for sprawling exploration. It's been left in the dust by the rest of the series over the years, but the 3DS's Metroid: Samus Returns is about to change all that.

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Firewatch Creator Takes a Stand Against Casual Racism After PewDiePie Streamed a Racial Slur

Because you can't stay neutral in the face of racism.

There's a big difference between supporting streamers and holding a man with an audience of millions accountable for propagating and normalizing bigoted language.

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It Looks Like Taylor Swift Is Stealing Art From Indie Games Now

Even if this was a "fond reference" made by someone on the Swift/Ticketmaster payroll, how fond can it be with no compensation or even acknowledgment offered?

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Destiny 2 Is Already Angering Some Fans With In-Game Purchases

The world of video games has faced plenty of growing pains, but none may be more contentious for players than new business models enabled by the internet. With players able to download additional content for games, developers are more than happy to supply it, for a price. That comes with a tricky balance in convincing consumers that they're getting a fair deal—one newly-released Destiny 2 seems to have botched.

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Mario Is Just as Much a Plumber as He Was Before

Do not question his skills.

Rumors of Mario no longer being a plumber have been greatly exaggerated. Or, at least, they're a bit misleading, if entirely true. Within the context of Mario's fictional universe, yes, Nintendo did recently specify that he's a former plumber, but for the purposes of the real world, "plumber" is just as accurate a way to describe the mustachioed mascot as ever.

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Continues the Game’s Tradition of Turning Teenage Angst Into Superpowers

The designers of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm have managed to turn some of the most maligned stereotypical teenage habits into superpowers.

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Orwell’s Animal Farm to Become a Video Game Because a Real-World Political Nightmare Isn’t Enough

George Orwell's name has been tossed around a lot in relation to modern politics and technology, to varying degrees of accuracy. Here's something that you can certifiably deem Orwellian, though: a video game based on the 1945 Orwell novel Animal Farm.

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The Olympics’ Excuse for Shunning eSports Makes Absolutely No Sense

The Olympic Games maybe need to take a look over those values they're so committed to adhering to.

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