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An Oral History of D&D Magazine Rolled & Told: An Interview With Steenz

Rolled & Told is a magazine that combines tabletop gaming with stories, tips & tricks articles, and comics to create a one-of-a-kind periodical for the discerning player. To learn more about the series, we asked Christina “Steenz” Stewart, editor for all six issues in the first collected volume, our burning questions about the process of gathering the Rolled & Told adventuring party!

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Tifa’s Breasts Were an Important Design Discussion at Square Enix for Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In redesigning the character Tifa, "It was necessary to restrict her chest," according to the developers for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake.

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Pokémon-ing While Black—Asking for Accurate Skin Color in Fan Art Is Not an Attack

People are really loving Pokémon: Sword/Shield Water trainer Nessa, but as some fan art has emerged a conversation about colorism and whitewashing of Black/Brown characters has restarted in the zeitgeist.

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How Dungeons and Dragons Became So Wonderfully Gay

For a long time, Dungeons and Dragons has had a reputation for being a straight, white man’s game, but over the past few years, with the release of the roleplaying game’s fifth edition and rise of online gaming platforms like Roll20, the demographics of the game have seen a big shift. The player base has grown, and in doing so, has become quite a bit more diverse. Not only is it a more welcoming place for women and people of color, but now, D&D is also pretty gay.

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Dungeons & Dragons Streamers & Creators Discuss the Game’s Evolution of Representation

"Women" as a monolith is not the end-all of inclusion. Going into the recent mega-event of D&D Live: The Descent, I was curious to see how the streamers and creators present felt about the evolution of intersectional representation.

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A New Avengers Game Looks Like Everyone but the Actual Avengers

So you think they look like the Avengers ...

These are ... the Avengers?

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Check Out Fifteen Minutes of Gameplay From Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Can it be November yet?

Today at an EA Play event in Los Angeles, EA and Respawn unveiled fifteen minutes of gameplay from the upcoming game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, revealing not only one of the missions of the game but also that Forest Whitaker is returning as Saw Gerrera.

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Legendary Creatures (and Planeswalkers) We Are Looking Forward to in Magic The Gathering’s Modern Horizons

War of the Spark is over, but Modern Horizons is bringing us even more new cards and legendary creatures to play with.

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Dungeons & Dragons Will Stream a Massive Live Event Beginning Today

Dungeons & Dragons fans are in for quite the weekend. D&D Live 2019: The Descent will stream 50 hours of D&D content straight into your screens and brains! The lineup that Wizards of the Coast has planned is unreal.

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Employees at Riot Games Walked Out to Protest Company’s Policy of Forced Arbitration

Yesterday, the employees of Los Angeles-based Riot Games organized a walkout to protest the company’s stance on forced arbitration, as Kotaku reported with live updates.

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The Real Issues With Ronda Rousey Playing Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat 11

There is a lot good about the new Mortal Kombat game and because of all the ridiculous backlashes that have happened, the conversation has mostly been around those upset about the outfits and Jax's "too woke" endgame and actual issues have been sidelined like if Ronda Rousey should be playing Sonya Blade.

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Get a Look at Magic: The Gathering’s War of the Spark Mythic Edition

On sale May 1st, a mere day away.

Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark Mythic Edition is the game's third Mythic Edition and its 81st expansion pack. Let's take a peek at the magical box that awaits you.

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Minecraft’s Creator Excluded From the Game’s 10th Anniversary Due to Racist, Sexist, Transphobic Comments

Poor little bigoted billionaire.

Minecraft's 10th anniversary is just around the corner, coming up on May 17th. The wildly successful sandbox game is apparently planning some sort of event to mark the occasion, but whatever that is won't include the game's creator, Marcus "Notch" Persson. For good reason.

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Ranking the Women of Mortal Kombat 11 by How Badass Their Fatalities Are

There has been a lot of conversation about the women of Mortal Kombat and whether they're "as hot as they used to be," and as far as I'm concerned, Mortal Kombat 11 has some of the best character and costume designs of the bunch—but their fatalities are truly great.

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Jax’s Ending in Mortal Kombat 11 Is Getting Some Disappointing Backlash

Mortal Kombat doesn't officially come out until tomorrow, but that has not stopped leaks and spoilers from coming out about the game, and people are having some very strong reactions to it.

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Nintendo Bans Trans Flag From Smash Bros.’ Stage Builder, Calling It a “Political Statement”

Transgender people's existence is not political.

Nintendo's latest update of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes a stage builder, allowing players to build and share their own creations. In addition to lewd and hateful content, moderators also reportedly deleted a stage featuring a transgender flag.

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Major Character Death Revealed for Magic the Gathering’s War of the Spark

Nic Kelman, the head of story and entertainment at WotC, revealed that the upcoming 'War of the Spark' story will change the game’s multiverse forever.

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Players Posting Penis Stages in Smash Bros. Reminds Us All That Custom Anything Is a Mistake

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if players can find a way to put dicks into a game, they will. Living up to that adage are the penis stages that were inserted into the current Smash Bros. update by players.

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The PlayStation 5’s Big Reveal: Bigger, Badder, & Backwards Compatible

Since its release in 2013, the PlayStation 4 has been one of the most reliable home video game consoles on the market and a superior follow up to the PS3. Now, six years later, Sony is now releasing some of the details of the upcoming unnamed console, currently dubbed "PlayStation 5."

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These Are the Most Popular Dungeons & Dragons Spells

These are the most-used Dungeons & Dragons spells across classes. How does your own wizardry stack up?

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