Cara Santa Maria Beautifully Explains What Science Means to Her

Feel some real science feels, everybody.
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Merriam-Webster declared “science” the 2013 Word of the Year, and we think that’s great. Cara Santa Maria, however, thinks it’s a little depressing. “Science” topped the list because more people were looking it up, meaning people just don’t know what science means. Santa Maria explains what it means to her in this clip.

Santa Maria hosts the Pivot TV show Take Part Live and is someone we think you should be following on Twitter. We, and a lot of other places as pointed out in the video, celebrated that “science” was the Word of the Year, but Merriam-Webster ranked them based on what words rose the most in lookups this year.

Science is at the forefront of a lot of news stories, and it seems to have left a lot of people looking for answers. Of course there’s the dictionary definition of the word, but we think Santa Maria’s explanation is a lot more meaningful.

Maybe can include it in the results people get on their site when they search “science”?

(via Take Part Live)

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