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Adam Ruins Pregnancy, Reminding Us Not to Get Our Fertility Info From Medieval France

If you can become pregnant, and you even have an inkling that you might want to bring a life into the world (or hell, even if you don't), you've likely been fearmongered to death about your "biological clock" and how your time is running out and how you'll basically just shrivel into a ball and die by the time you hit 35. Did you know that all that accepted "truth" is based on inaccurate information derived from the census records of French women in Medieval times?

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KFC Launched a Chicken Sandwich Into the Stratosphere, and None of You Told Me?

KFC literally launched a spicy chicken sandwich into the stratosphere as a marketing campaign.

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John Oliver Explains How Science Works in Vaccine Segment on Last Week Tonight

The main story for yesterday's Last Week Tonight was vaccines. Specifically, where these big fears regarding vaccines are, why they're so persistent, and the consequences of these skeptics.

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Trump Will Appoint a Non-Scientist As the USDA’s “Chief Scientist,” Because of Course

Trump is expected to appoint Sam Clovis, a conservative talk radio host and professor of business and public policy who has never taken a graduate course in science, as the USDA’s undersecretary for research, education and economics.

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[VIDEO] Bill Nye Is Saving the World and Wants You to Join Him

"Any country that doesn't embrace science, that doesn't invest in science is going to fall behind economically. It's going to get out-competed by other countries. And I think in the coming weeks we'll come to realize that. You can't ignore science and stay competitive."

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Scientists Created an Artificial Womb, and Also Maybe the Singularity Is Near

Doctors at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia fashioned a plastic artificial womb that has successfully kept a premature baby lamb alive for four weeks. It has the potential to do a whole lot more.

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Flush With Subscription Money From Anti-Trump Readers, The New York Times Just Hired a Climate Change Denier

After declaring that "the truth is more important now than ever," The New York Times has hired a climate change denier for its editorial team.

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Mayim Bialik Explains How Science and Religion Can Co-Exist, Basically Summing Up My Entire Belief System

As someone who loves science and also believes in a Higher Power, it is often difficult to be in conversations with people who lean more heavily in one direction or the other. I've spoken with scientifically-minded folks for whom the concept of "God" is unnecessary. I've spoken to religious folks for whom the question of "why?" is infinitely more important than the question of "how?" In this video, actress and scientist Mayim Bialik discusses how the two coexist for her.

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This Neural Network Hilariously Does Not Understand What Humans Like to Eat

Whole Chicken Cookies.

A year ago, scientist Janelle Shane made a post on Tumblr detailing the wacky food names her neural network was generating after she fed it a healthy diet of cookbooks. The post has seen a viral surge of popularity and coverage, and in true 2017 Internet fashion, people are identifying as one delicacy or another. Tag yourself—I'm "Crimm Grunk Garlic Cleas."

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Exclusive: Love Our Orphan Black Science Recaps? Check Out the Cover of the New Book by Our Sestra Science Experts!

I've had so much fun doing the regular Orphan Black recaps for the past couple of seasons, but the real fun of TMS' show coverage has been getting to read our awesome Orphan Black science recaps, written by the fabulous Casey Griffin and Nina Nesseth. Now, these two brilliant women have teamed up to expand their exploration of Sestra Science in an official companion book from ECW Press, the cover of which you can see above for the first time!

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SpaceX Successfully Launches and Lands a Falcon 9 Rocket

Yesterday, SpaceX successfully launched and landed a Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship named Just Read The Instructions.

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Scientist Finds Feathered Dinosaur Tail Trapped in Amber, Ruining All Jurassic Park Movies in the Best Way

Life, uh, finds a way to ruin everything.

Scientists have already established that dinosaurs had feathers—and had set about trying to ruin our favorite movie monsters with other retcons like "lips"—but actually seeing a preserved, feathered dinosaur tail from millions of years ago with our own eyes is an amazing landmark on its own.

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The Trauma of Trump: How Oppression Hurts Our Bodies—and How Allies Can Help

It’s imperative that we understand the election results as an assault, not only on our social progress, but on the survival and wellness of our bodies.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Pledges to “Make America Smart Again” When it Comes to Science

Neil deGrasse Tyson has made it his personal mission to make science accessible and understandable for more people. And he's not going to stop.

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Things We Saw Today: John Oliver is Not Having Billy Bush and Isn’t Afraid to Say So, Reminds Men How Best to Show Women Respect

John Oliver is amazing at speaking our truth. This time, he gleefully (and rightfully) tells the Today Show's Billy Bush to go eff himself for laughing along with misogyny in 2005.

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Things We Saw Today: Marvel Finally Giving America Chavez Her Own Solo Title With America #1

At last! The young, badass, Latina hero, America Chavez is finally getting her own Marvel solo title!

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Things We Saw Today: “Gandalf Doesn’t Do Weddings,” Ian McKellen Turned Down $1.5 Million Officiation Request

Gandalf will not go to your wedding, and he most certainly won't bust a move. In a Daily Mail interview, Ian McKellen reveals he was offered $1.5 million to officiate Silicon Valley tycoon Sean Parker's LOTR-themed wedding as Gandalf, but refused.

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Animation Answers Your Morning Question: “What Would Happen If You Never Left Your Bed?”

Animated by Steven Lawson, directed and voiced by Pat Graziosi, and written by Kaylee Yuhas, this video makes you look at your mattress a little differently.

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Scientists May Have Figured Out How to Travel Through a Black Hole—but Not How You’d Survive

Remember in the first Star Trek reboot film when Nero traveled back in time through a wormhole, only to kill Jim Kirk’s father and destroy Vulcan, thus setting off an alternate timeline in which Kirk grows up with Greg Grunberg as his stepdad and Spock is now a member of an endangered species? Well that could happen in real life if you’re going by the words of some very smart people.

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Deep-sea Ecologist Rewatches seaQuest DSV: Episodes 11, 12 & 13

The future is held together by bubblegum and crossed fingers.

Today on seaQuest, the crew visits an old-west style mining operation and foils some 90s hackers. Plus, someone is finally surprised by the talking dolphin!

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