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#FollowFriday: Cara Santa Maria (@CaraSantaMaria)

It's that time of the week again!

Cara Santa Maria

It’s #FollowFriday so it’s time for us to tell you about a Twitter account we think you should be following. This week, it’s science journalist Cara Santa Maria. Of course you already know that science is cool, but @CaraSantaMaria does her part to make sure everyone else knows it too, and we think that’s worth celebrating.

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Who she is: 

Santa Maria is a science journalist who ran the Talk Nerdy to Me blog over at Huffington Post. She’s currently the host of Take Part Live on the new channel Pivot TV and one of The Young Turks. The bio page of her personal website describes her this way:

She has a passion for science education. It is her mission to make the fascination she feels for the natural world accessible to as many people as possible. She has also performed clinical and laboratory research on various topics, ranging from the neuropsychology of blindness to computational neurophysiology to adult neurogenesis in songbirds.

Why you should follow:

Did we mention that Santa Maria is great? Her Twitter feed is a solid source for stories on science, but also for sources that put that science into a context that can be understood, and framed in a way that makes it relevant.

Since Take Part Live went on the air, an increasing percent of her tweets are about the show. Typically that would turn us off to a Twitter feed, but since the purpose of Take Part Live is to get people engaged in the stories going on in the world we think it’s actually pretty great.

Great Tweets:

Take a look at some of our favorite tweets by Santa Maria if you need further convincing.

She discusses topics relevant to our interests!

We love that she’s a staunch defender of the Oxford comma:

Sometimes she hangs out with Wolverine:

She’s not afraid to take shots at herself, and that includes physically punching herself in the arm a bunch:

So there you have it. Go forth and #FollowFriday!

(via @CaraSantaMaria on Twitter)

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