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Call of Duty: Ghosts Dog Has A Name, Various Dog-Like Abilities

If you've ever wanted to play an FPS from the dog's point of view, your long wait is finally over.

Just as E3 begins, two new gameplay trailers have been released for the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, one which showcases the game’s much-publicized canine companion, Riley. Game footage of the “No Man’s Land” level shows Riley in first-person perspective, providing reconnaissance, pouncing on unaware enemies, and barking to distract them so his human allies can take them out. A reassuring “Good boy, Riley” follows some particularly vicious animal-on-human violence.

Ghosts takes place in a new continuity that centers around a group of soldiers fighting an unknown enemy 10 years after the United States is no longer a superpower. In the words of Rubin, “You actually play as the underdog.” The pun is, we assume, intended, if not necessarily advisable.

The player can get a look at the dog’s perspective from first-person view through a mounted camera and control him by issuing orders as voice commands. And if you wanted dogs in your Call of Duty to be less about stealth and more about action, you’ll be satisfied to know that the trailer also showcases ordering the dog to leap through a glass window on the side of a building and flush several enemies out the front door where your human soldiers wait to pick them off. Maybe more people would watch the Westminster Dog Show if that was a featured competition. We’d love to see a pug’s take on it.

The other trailer showed off a level called “Into the Deep”, an underwater sabotage mission, because Ghosts‘s protagonists are heroes who wear masks… to breathe underwater. Sadly, Riley does not appear in this mission, either because he was not properly equipped with doggy SCUBA gear, or because this level takes place at a point in the game following the dog’s inevitable demise.

I mean, come on guys — you know the dog dies, right? Like, probably heroically, but still — it’s going to be super sad.

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