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Microsoft Working on Two New Game Consoles, Plus TV Streaming Solution

Microsoft currently has plans to develop not one but two brand new consoles for release sometime in the near future.

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Sony Was Concerned About Horizon Zero Dawn’s Female Protagonist, Like That’s Not Something People Want

Get with it, Sony.

Killzone developer Guerilla Games and Sony revealed new IP Horizon Zero Dawn at E3, which—unlike so many other video games—has a woman as its protagonist. That's great, but what's less great is how nervous Sony was about introducing such an unheard of concept to their audience.

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Overgrown Toddler Plasters E3 With Posters Calling Anita Sarkeesian a ‘Freak,’ Meanwhile She’s Having the Time of Her Life

This year's E3 in Los Angeles has been full of goodies. Feminst Frequency's Anita Sarkessian is there taking in the sights and probably having way too much fun to care about one silly goose.

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No Legend of Zelda at E3: Is Nintendo Giving Up on the Wii U?

Pour one out.

"Expect the unexpected," I wrote less than an hour before Nintendo's digital E3 2015 media briefing yesterday, and what we got was certainly that: no notable new Wii U games announced—at all—and not even a glimpse of the next true Zelda installment. What in the heck happened? The obvious yet sad explanation is that this is likely the beginning of the end for the Wii U.

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Oracle Strikes a Pose in the Latest Batman: Arkham Knight Poster, Plus E3 Trailer

We're definitely on the edge of our seats waiting for Batman: Arkham Knight. Barbara Gordon is getting an extended role this time around thanks to a Batgirl prequel expansion (with season pass) and more work in her Oracle persona. Check out a few more posters plus an intense trailer fresh out of E3.

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Unveiled: The Walking Dead: Michonne, A Telltale Games Mini-Series

Michonne will remember that.

In a surprise announcement right before Microsoft's presentation at E3, Telltale Games announced their new addition to their The Walking Dead adventure game series: The Walking Dead: Michonne.

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Things We Saw Today: The 2015 Nintendo World Championships Are Streaming LIVE from E3 Right Now!

The Nintendo World Championships are live from E3 2015 RIGHT NOW. If you're not watching, what are you even doing?

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Check Out the Nintendo World Championship 2015 Trophy and Reminisce About The Wizard

California. Have to go to California.

In a childhood pipe dream-laden interview with Game Informer, Nintendo Treehouse's Erik Peterson revealed the rad new Nintendo World Championship trophy for this year's competition at E3 2015.

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Have Your Own E3 With This Nintendo Rumor Generator

The Legend of Zelda: The Unusual Punishment? Why, yes please.

Maker of comics and games and stuff Brian Lee created a humorous rumor generator for Nintendo's E3 2015 presentation. It looks legitimate down to the watermark, and it'd totally pass if not for the fact that the names and titles it comes up with are completely hilarious.

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Games for Girls? How About Games for Everyone?

Gender-neutral games are too hard to animate.

The portrayal and treatment of women in and around video games is a sore subject for a lot of us. It’s been talked about to death, and yet it still doesn’t seem like we’re making much progress. It’s a very polarizing but uniformly upsetting issue that lingers on in this otherwise great community like cat pee on an oriental rug.

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A Great Big List of Games from E3 with Playable Female Characters

All aboard the hype train!

Like many of you, me and my fellow Weekend Editor Sam Maggs and I were more than a little irked by the whole Ubisoft kerfuffle earlier this week. It almost made us forget about that long ago time (last Monday) when we were really excited about the stuff coming out of E3. Then we realized...we're still excited! And though female representation still has a long way to go in the gaming industry, we're happy to report there are plenty of other upcoming games that include playable female characters.

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Oh Ok, Thanks: Wii U Zelda Producer Was Just Joking, Link Is Most Likely The Lead After All

Zelda Producer Says No Lady-Lead

Hey, remember yesterday when we had a tiny bit of hope the new Wii U Zelda game would actually feature Zelda, a

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My Painfully Short Hands-On With Super Smash Bros. for Wii U at Nintendo’s Smash Fest

And my comparatively long tale about it.

Last night, hundreds of Smash Bros. fans lined up outside of Best Buy to get a chance to play the Wii U version of Smash Bros. before its release this holiday season, and that was just at my local Best Buy. But we were patient, and we waited, and we finally got the chance to play the game. You know what? It was worth it.

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Admire The Indistinguishable Faces Of 40 Male Video Game Characters From E3 2014

E3 Men Look Exactly The Same

Rebellious Pixels looked at 40 protaganists from upcoming video games being previewed at E3 this week (all men natch because, Read More

Watch Nintendo’s E3 Day 3 Coverage Live at 12:30PM ET

Dawn of The Final Day. 7.5 Hours Remain.

Today is the final day of E3, so don't miss a minute of it as Nintendo's Treehouse streams live all day from the company's booth at the show. They've given us an unprecedented amount of access to new games and announcements so far with this dedicated stream, so keep your eye out for any last minute surprises before the show closes.

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Conan the Clueless Gamer Reviews Smash Bros. for Wii U and Fears for Our Future

Quick! Do you know who the second President of the U.S. was? Now watch.

Nintendo was careful in its selection of who should get to play the new Smash Bros. games before they're released, and Conan was clearly the man for the job. He got his hands on the game last night as many Smash fans did, myself included (more on that later), and proved that a game can never be too accessible.

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Things We Saw Today: Official Lantern Corps Rings

Things We Saw Today

New Lantern rings available at Silver Age Jewellery made by Guild Jewelry. Superpowers not included.

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We Might be Getting a Lady-Led Zelda Game, But We’re Definitely Getting Marriage Equality in Final Fantasy XIV

+2 Cha -2 Str

Above, you'll find the E3 demonstration of the WiiU's first traditional installment of the Zelda franchise, and Nintendo higherups are hinting that the game's focus may be a break from tradition, in many areas. At the very end of the video we're treated to some good old fashioned monster fighting action, in which Link is portrayed even more androgynously than usual, lacking even his characteristic Master Sword and green tunic. Zelda director and producer Eiji Aonuma has pointed out to GamesBeat that "no one explicitly said that that was Link." He also told Japanese outlet 4Gamer that one of the goals Nintendo has for this installment of the franchise was "[a game] where it wouldn't even matter if Zelda is actually a princess, or not." Rest assured that we will keep you updated. And in the meantime, bask in the knowledge that Square Enix will bring marriage equality to Final Fantasy XIV in upcoming Patch 2.4. Previously in a Zelda-Led Zelda Game

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Watch Nintendo’s E3 2014 Day 2 Live Stream All Day

You didn't have a job to do today or anything, right?

It's day 2 of the open show floor at E3 2014, and Nintendo's Treehouse is back to stream direct gameplay and information from Nintendo's E3 booth all day long. Stay tuned to get a close look at all the new games Nintendo unveiled in their digital media briefing.

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Ubisoft Blames Lack of Female PCs in Assassin’s Creed on “Reality of Production”

Today in things that make us scream incoherently

Readers, meet Charlotte Corday. She was born in 1768, and at the age of twenty-five was executed by guillo

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