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This Tatted-Up Biker is Terrified of an Adorable Puppy

Animal Planet’s newest series My Extreme Animal Phobia will premiere soon, and promises to show everyday people freaking out about everyday animals. In one episode, we’re introduced to Marvin, a burly gold chain wearing biker with sleeve and wicked tribal face tats. He’s also deathly afraid of this adorable little pit bull puppy. If you ever wanted to watch a man that could surely break you in half break down in tears over a cute little dog, this is your lucky day.

Though quite unintentionally hilarious, Marvin either has a severe phobia or is willing to ham it up for TV. If truly that severe, then hopefully his dubiously prescribed exposure therapy has helped him recover from the trauma of his youth. Moreover, it might help already maligned pit bulls everywhere. See the video below.

(via The Daily What)

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