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The Many Flavors of Corgis

Over the weekend, a Reddit user posted the above picture of a Husky/Corgi mix, which soon found itself disseminated to all corners of the Internet. This should come as no surprise since, as we’ve discussed before, the Internet cannot help but love corgis. But now there’s more to love since the Horgi (Corskey?) has inspired other Corgi hybrid owners to show off their mutts, with adorable results.

My corgis, let me show you them.

This handsome fellow is a Corgi/English Bulldog mix, yielding what looks like a brindled corgi-sized pit bull. My personal favorite.

A Corgi/Chihuahua, but in all honesty you could probably pass him off as a Corgi/Doberman or possibly a Corgi/Bernese Mountain Dog if you were a liar.

The oh-so-logical combination of Corgi and Shiba Inu, yielding heart-melting results.

Only by the addition of Jack Russel genes could the Corgi’s legendary ears be made even more ridiculous (and lovable).

Corgi/Labrador (Corgidor?) is here, and is adroable.

Lastly, a Corgi/Husky/Lab. Because why not? With those ears, he looks like a good candidate for Batdog, the crime-fighting canine co-star.

UPDATE: BuzzFeed has graced the internet with 25 corgi hybrids. See some of the best below.


Corgi/German Sheppard


(Reddit via The Daily What, BuzzFeed)

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