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Borderlands 2 Includes the Most Annoying Gun in the World

The quickest way to win the hearts and minds of Internet denizens is by amusingly trolling them. At least, that’s apparently what Gearbox Software was counting on when they made one very special gun: Hyperion’s Energizing Bane for Borderlands 2. The gun itself boasts some impressive stats. It also just so happens to make an infernal racket when players shoot, and slows characters to a crawl.

This video comes courtesy of YouTube user Yimi97, wherein they test out the weapon:

It’s only a matter of time before the inevitable swarm of videos where the entire multiplayer group is wielding Hyperion’s Energizing Bane. We’re not sure if this is a good, bad, or truly awesome thing. Probably a mix.

(via PC Gamer, image via PC Gamer)

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