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Metal Gear Salad Has Snake Make the Colonel the Perfect Snack

There’s something to be said about building an entire video game around a horrible pun. John Earnest has done exactly that with Metal Gear Salad, a matching game spoof of Metal Gear Solid that’s in the same vein as Bejeweled. See, the Colonel’s hungry for a snack and, due to his diet, only a salad will satisfy. Snake will just have to procure all the ingredients in the right amount, matching up at least four of them together, in order to gain points.

In order to play the game, one must save this image as a .jar rather than a .png and then run the file. Be careful of the nuclear explosions, however. It wouldn’t really involve Metal Gear if there weren’t nuclear explosions.

Enjoy making virtual pun-filled salads, folks!

(Something Awful via FreeIndieGames)

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