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The Best Gifts for the Writers in Your Life

Two people writing on a laptop and on a typwriter.

There’s nobody better to ask what gifts writers might want to have than other writers. Consider this my personal wishlist, though you’re certain to find something the writer in your life will thank you for.

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Pens, notebooks, and planners are great, but there is a lot more that you could give to your scribbling loved ones beyond those three options. Things that make our lives easier while we work are always appreciated. We just want to feel comfortable and cozy while we figure out how to compose sentences in a neverending sea of words.

Custom Fountain Pen by Tailored Pen Company

I know pens sound overrated, but what if those pens were customized to your loved one’s style? Tailored Pen Company crafts beautiful fountain pens that many pen collectors would love to have. These pens come with multiple themes. Some designs feature glow-in-the-dark mermaid scales, and other fountain pens are made of resin and dried flowers.

Your calligraphy writer friends will appreciate these pens for their aesthetics but also because these pens are made just for them. They’re not just pens with pretty casings that you’ll use for signatures—they also write very well.

Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil by Uni

This is the nth time I’m recommending this mechanical pencil to people, and it’s not because I have a mechanical pencil agenda. The problem with normal pencils is that they tend to go dull after using one side for too long, and it makes your writing look uneven. Kuru Toga will make sure you never get this problem because the pencil’s tip rotates so that your letters never look uneven.

Kuru Toga mechanical pencils are great gifts for writers who love pencils but hate the uneven writing caused by most pencils. This is also a good gift for any artist friends.

Recycled Notebooks – Decomposition by Michael Rogers

This is giving Cath Kidston because of its whimsical floral design, but it’s sustainable! Decomposition notebooks aren’t just pretty, but they’re made of recycled material. These USA-made notebooks will free you from the guilt of using paper since all the products disclose what their notebooks are made of and what percentage of it is made from recycled goods.

You can find notebooks of all sizes that will be most suitable for your writer friends. The notebook above might look like a floral fantasy, but they have many other designs that you can choose from.

Rohto Digi Eyes – Digital Eyestrain Eyedrops

Most writers stay in front of their screens these days, but even with anti-UV and blue light filtering glasses, it’s inevitable for eyes to get dried out during a long shift of just typing non-stop. The Rohto Digi-Eye will save your writer friend’s eyes, or even yours if you’re also in front of a screen for hours on end. The best way to describe the experience of using these eyedrops is having pure and clean water cleanse your eyeballs.

It sounds like an exaggeration, but these are really good eyedrops that will keep your eyes moist for the next eight hours.

Akko Mechanical Keyboard

Some writers love typewriters for their tactile feeling, but many more writers in this day and age love tactile keyboards. Akko has a vast selection of keyboards that come in different sizes and a variety of switches, but these Akko 3087 keyboards are affordable and great. There are many designs for it, and it’s not just Sailor Moon-themed.

The Akko World Tour Tokyo 3087, with orange keys, starts at $55. These keyboards are also good for gaming, so if you have writer friends who game on the side, the Akko 3087 would be a heaven-sent gift for them.

Custom Resin Wrist Rest by HiJenney

People underestimate the power of a good wrist rest. Many writers strain their hands and wrists after typing for hours on end because of their setup, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you use a wrist rest. The best part about these wrist rests by HiJenney is that they have diverse designs that are custom-made just for you.

The length and the color of these wrist are also modifiable, which is great for keyboard owners of all sizes. HiJenney also has a bunch of resin keycaps that could spice up any old keyboard.

Custom Mugs by Lace And Twig Inc.

Mugs sound like the worst kind of holiday gift because people give them as presents all the time. But for writers who love caffeine and need constant hydration, mugs aren’t bad gifts at all. It’s all about ensuring that the mug you’re gifting is suitable for the person who will use it.

Most mugs from Lace and Twig Inc. have expletives attached to them, but they’re just funny and spot on. Nothing can be more annoying than being distracted while you’re editing your latest article. They have other witty messages on their mugs that might make your verbose friends chuckle.

JBL Quantum 800

Nothing’s better than being able to block the world out as you write the angstiest scene in your short fic. But a noise-free environment isn’t always accessible, and headphones will have to do. JBL Quantum 800 is great for those who need to work outside but want the convenience of wireless, noise-canceling headphones.

Gamers also love this headphone for its Discord-certified game-chat balance, but writers who want to stay focused while working on their next draft would love these headphones. You’ll find them priced at around $80-$199, so you’ll just have to scour the internet for the best deal possible—trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Hoodie by hours

It’s the holidays, so of course it gets really cold. Ugly sweaters are great classics, but they’re not always going to be practical for everyday wear. These sturdy hoodies by local brand Hours are a good year-round gift to give to anybody who loves oversized fits.

Your novelist friend might be thinking about lavish parties during the Roaring 20s or grand balls during the Victorian Era, but they’ll probably be happier wearing a hoodie while they type up a storm.

Embroidered Back/Lumbar Pillow by Little Design Co.

Please support us (literally). Our backs have been destroyed by sitting too much, and only pillows can help us now. Little Design Co. from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is probably the best place to find us some lumbar support since they specialize in all sorts of pillows. They also have custom-made products, so that’s another option you can look into.

They have an online shop where you can get pillows of all varieties starting from $5, and you can even customize the fabric it comes in. It’s an affordable gift for any author that will keep their posture great for years to come.

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