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Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Nothing is better to give to friends who are always on a caffeine microdose than coffee-related paraphernalia. But what else is there? How do you even pick out good coffee beans? Speaking of “good,” what’s a good enough gift for your coffee-loving friends and family members?

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Coffee lovers have different preferences, so it might be difficult to shop for beans. Even syrups and creamers come in different flavors and forms and you’ll have to get to know your loved one’s palette. But if you’re looking for presents that your coffee-loving friends will treasure, you can’t go wrong with these gifts.

10. Bodum Chambord French Press for Coffee and Tea

If you’ve seen your loved one’s well-used French press, then buying them a new one is sure to make them feel happy. Any caffeine lover would highly appreciate a French press, including tea drinkers who brew with loose leaves. So for anybody in your circle who loves both tea and coffee, a French press is an essential part of their kitchen.

The best part is that these French presses rarely ever break the bank. If you’ve got $30–60 to spare, you’ll be able to get a Bodum Chambord French press in the size you prefer. There are many other brands to choose from, but Bodum’s selection of French presses are made with thick glass and a good mesh which all coffee lovers can vouch for.

9. Breville Precision Brewer

If you’re giving a gift to a family of coffee lovers, they would highly appreciate the Breville Precision Coffee Brewer. $300 isn’t a small price to pay, but it’s a good price for a good pot coffee machine. There are many brewing settings for this pot coffee machine and adjustments could be made to the brewing temperature.

For casual coffee fans, this may seem excessive. But for those friends of yours who talk extensively about their coffee machine and how it makes their beans change flavor notes, this one is a good machine to consider.

8. Bialetti Moka Express – Stovetop Espresso Maker

Espresso machines are notoriously expensive and they’re an investment for hardcore coffee lovers. But for those on a budget, a Bialetti Moka Pot will not let you down. For just $30-50, you’ll find the right size and color of moka pot you’re looking for that will get your caffeine-induced loved one smiling when they unwrap their gift.

It might be intimidating to use a moka pot at first since it acts like a kettle, but nothing should go wrong if they keep their eyes on their brew for five minutes on a stove. The result is an espresso knockoff that any coffee lover would enjoy.

7. Standard Issue Coffee Beans by Penny Roasters Coffee

Wait, didn’t I just say that many coffee lovers have different preferences? As true as that is, there are beans that most coffee lovers never take off their shelves. The Standard Issue from local California brewery Penny Roasters Coffee is a great gift for your espresso-loving friends and family members. It changes flavors seasonally, but these beans are highly suitable for espresso blends.

Ditch the Starbucks beans and give these Penny Roasters Coffee beans for your loved ones to enjoy. They come in different quantities too, starting at $20 for 12oz worth of beans.

6. Kapeng Barako – Lipa, Batangas by Boondocks Roasters

Filipino coffee culture is strong, and speaking as a coffee lover who does sample local coffee from the Philippines, I recommend giving Liberica Coffee (Kapeng Barako) a try. It’s a local specialty from the Province of Batangas that many coffee lovers from beyond the Philippines are bound to love. If you have a friend who can’t put down their cup of joe despite their acid reflux, liberica coffee is known to have lower acidity compared to other coffee beans.

Los Angeles-based Boondocks Roasters has Kapeng Barako and ships all over the United States. You can shop their coffee beans guilt-free because the beans are guaranteed to be ethically sourced. Their Barako beans are a medium blend, with a creamy and nutty profile. Many like myself would just prepare this type of coffee with French press and add a few spoons of sugar without milk, but it wouldn’t hurt to add some barista oat milk to this great drink during the holidays, either.

5. Lavazza Holiday Blend

If you’re really running out of time, Lavazza beans are in every Walmart ever. It’s also a good gift for last-minute shoppers hunting down good coffee beans for their loved ones. There is a good range of beans from Lavazza, like the classic Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean. That’s also a good choice, but a better one to give for the holidays is this special-edition Lavazza Coffee x Rifle Paper Co Holiday Blend.

It might actually be perfect for those attempting a pumpkin spice latte at home, since the beans feature notes of toasted almond and warm spice.

4. Single-serve Pour Over Paraneima

Honduras is another country with amazing coffee, and it’s no secret that a large portion of coffee beans are sourced from the country. Spirit Animal Coffee has a bigger mission of making coffee growers in Honduras more economically sustainable. Their site has more information about the types of roasts, how to store coffee beans, and more information about coffee in general.

Spirit Animal Coffee is built on ethical consumption, and they have uniquely flavored beans that coffee lovers would be extremely fond of. Their beans are sold online, and the Whole Bean Parainema coffee they sell is a huge hit for drip coffee or Chemex at home brewers.

3. Coffee Mate Cinnamon Vanilla Creme

If you’re planning to help your caffeine-hooked friend stay away from Starbucks or other commercial coffee chains, giving them syrups or creamers might just do the trick. That signature pumpkin spice latte is pumped full of syrup, and for the holidays, gifting your friend Coffee Mate Cinnamon Vanilla Latte liquid creamer might finally help them quit coffee chains altogether.

There are other classic flavors like French Vanilla, or the Original Coffee Mate that also go well with any latte. Those are good options if your loved one isn’t so fond of autumn or any other holiday blends.

2. Reusable Cup Sleeve by ASRTDeyewear


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If you’re really scared of giving beans or coffee gadgets away as gifts, these cup sleeves by ASRTD are great alternatives. They’re amazing presents for any hot or iced coffee lover, and they’ll keep hands safe from extreme temperatures emitted by the coffee cup.

A quirk of this cup sleeve is that it has a chain that you can use to hold your coffee with, so you can carry your coffee around while it dangles off your hand. It comes in many colors with a chunky chain for its holder. Anybody with this reusable cup sleeve won’t just have the convenience of having a portable cup holder, but they’re also going to look extra fashionable while doing so.

1. Custom Cold Cups by Candi M’s Creations

I know I said cold cups and mugs are overdone, but these custom cold cups are hard to resist. If you still have friends without a good cold cup or are planning to buy one from a coffee chain, Candi M’s Creations has a lot of cute custom cold cups available on sale.

These cups come in many themes for Halloween and the holidays. There are also other Etsy stores that offer varieties of glass cold cups, and hot coffee cups that might be more aligned with your friend’s and family member’s tastes.

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