Bandit holds a fishing rod with a star hanging from it, which Bluey is trying to catch. They're both wearing purple briefs.

The Best ‘Bluey’ Merch You Can Get Your Paws on in 2024

Bluey merchandise is everywhere right now. Few big stores are un-Bluey’d, in fact, making it difficult to narrow the search—especially stressful if you’re shopping for gifts. Well, don’t worry, you fabulous Bluey fan, we’ve put together a list of the best Bluey merch and who you should buy them for.

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Now you can spend less time shopping and more time playing, just like Bluey herself.

For kids who love to be outside: Bluey Scooter

Bluey Scooter

This three-wheeled scooter from Voyager features an adorable Bluey sitting on the front, and LED lights all along the deck and wheels! Kids will absolutely love it and they’ll feel like the coolest person on the block when they take it out. The perfect gift for a child who is already comfortable on a scooter. Make sure they wear a helmet though.

For kids who hate bath time: Toomies Bluey Bath Toys

Bluey Stackle Bath Cups

Getting a toddler to take a bath is no easy task sometimes, so let Bluey and her family help. These stackable cups help toddlers understand how water works and how to organize objects. Hey, those are vital skills when you’re still developing! And adults will appreciate how easy the cups are to store and clean.

For the adult Bluey lover: Bluey “confession” shirt

"I watch Bluey when the kids are asleep" t-shirt

There are countless adult fans of Bluey and they happily wear their love of the show for everyone to see. This shirt from Redbubble store Gumshoe-Studio declares, “I watch Bluey when the kids are asleep.” Which is of course nothing to be ashamed of! Some people watch Bluey without there being any kids in the picture at all!

For the whole family to play with: Bluey Picnic Basket Set

Bluey Picnic Set

There are many great picnic play sets out there but your kids will probably love the Bluey one the best. Lots of play food comes in the Bluey-themed carry case, guaranteeing your children hours of fun playing “picnic” with their parents. Yep, the parents have to join in! Sorry! And by the way, this set is made from ethically sourced wood and is very durable.

For slightly older children: Bluey Wedding Time Set

Bluey Wedding Set

One of the best Bluey episodes (and one that’s 28 minutes long!) is “The Sign,” in which Uncle Rad and Frisky get married. Bluey and Bingo serve as flower girls. This set presents all four characters in their wedding gear so kids can re-enact the wedding to their heart’s content. It’s not suitable for children under three though, because of the small parts that can be choking hazards.

For arts and crafts lovers: Bluey Paint Your Own Light-Up Figurine

Bluey Paint Your Own Light-Up Figure

Kids love paint and getting messy, and adults … well, to be honest, adults also love paint and getting messy. That makes this painting set an ideal activity for parent and child to do together! The set comes with 12 colors you can use to paint the light-up Bluey and Bingo. You don’t even have to paint them the correct colors, either! Defy the rules and go wild with it!

For the phone-obsessed Bluey adult: Bluey Phone Case

Bluey Phone Case

If you spend your days watching Bluey episodes on your phone, then you need to get yourself a Bluey phone case right away. How about this one from Redbubble store Geekydog? It features the whole Heeler family having a fun time in “dance mode,” plus various toys (and the Duck Cake!) from the Bluey show are in there too. You can choose which size case you need when ordering from Redbubble.

For puzzle-loving kids: Bluey Puzzle set

Bluey Puzzle Set

There are some kids who get a jigsaw puzzle and are quiet for ages. And those kids, if they’re Bluey fans (and we’re assuming for the purposes of this article that ALL kids are Bluey fans), would probably really appreciate this three-puzzle set from Ravensburger. Each of the puzzles is 49 pieces, perfect for a kid who’s mastered easier puzzles and wants something a bit more challenging.

For kids who won’t sleep: Bluey 5-Minute Stories

Bluey 5 Minutes Stories Book

If you’re a parent, you already know the struggle of trying to put a child to bed. Don’t worry, Bluey is here to help. This book contains six stories in oneThe Pool, Bingo, Charades, Hammerbarn, Typewriter, and Baby Race—and surely at least one of them will be suitable material to bribe your kid to go to sleep, right?

For long dog spotters: Bluey long dog t-shirt

Bluey Long Dog Shirt

Casual Bluey fans might not be familiar with the long dogs so here’s an explanation for you all: in every episode of Bluey, there’s a hidden wiener dog in the background somewhere, just waiting for an eagle-eyed viewer to find him. “Long dog spotting” has become a beloved pastime of adult Bluey fans and now you can get yourself a t-shirt advertising that fact.

For tired adults: Unicorse Mug

Bluey Unicorse Mug

Unicorse the unicorn puppet is deliberately the most annoying character in all of Bluey, but you have to admit his catchphrase “Annnnd why should I care?” is very relatable sometimes. Take this mug to work with you and point at it whenever someone asks you to do something. Okay, maybe don’t do that. But you should certainly think about it.

For kids who love music: Bluey Musical Keyboard

Bluey Musical Keyboard

Probably fair to say that most adults won’t enjoy this toy, what with the noise and all, but kids will love it. They’ll carry this light-up musical keyboard from room to room, getting you to listen to all their music masterpieces. Oh, and it also plays the Bluey theme song, and we all know how much kids like to listen to that. Maybe time to invest in some earplugs, parents.

For anyone who wants to be cozy: Bluey Fleece Throw Blanket

Bluey Fleece Throw Blanket

Cozyness knows no age range. This Bluey blanket from Northwest makes a great gift for adults and children alike, although admittedly it’ll probably look better in a child’s room. It’s made from “high quality 100% polyester” and needs to be machine washed on a delicate cycle. Don’t bleach or iron it, either! The design features the Heeler family happily posing together, and you wouldn’t want to ruin that.

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