Gojo Satoru during his fight with Toji in Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen and Sukuna in his domain: Malevolent Shrine during Season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen.

13 Strongest ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Characters, Ranked

There are lots of students in both Tokyo Jujutsu High and Kyoto Jujutsu High with amazing potential, but the world of Jujutsu Kaisen already has characters that are established to have immense strength. So how would you rank the strongest?

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Regardless of whether they’re sorcerers or curses, these characters have reached heights nobody else has in terms of cursed energy, cursed technique, and physical strength, and here’s how they stack up against each other:

13. Todo Aoi

Yuji’s “best friend” is definitely making it on this list. Based on his strength alone, Todo Aoi was able to fight with both Yuji and Megumi, who are both powerful and gifted students from Tokyo Jujutsu High. Far from an empty-headed buff guy, Aoi is also academically excellent and has a great grasp of his cursed technique. Despite not coming from a sorcerer clan, Todo Aoi easily topped the official school rankings among Tokyo Jujutsu High and Kyoto Jujutsu High students.

12. Geto Suguru

There’s a good reason why Gojo Satoru once thought that he and Geto Suguru were the strongest. This comment wasn’t made by Satoru because he’s undeniably fond of his one and only best friend, but because Suguru had a powerful cursed technique. Suguru was one of the four Special Grade Sorcerers, with his ability to swallow curses and summon curses at will. Had Suguru lived longer without turning into a threat against humanity, there’s no doubt that he would’ve only gotten stronger, surpassing many sorcerers currently above him.

11. Fushiguro Toji

Many Jujutsu Kaisen anime-only fans have been raising the question of whether Fushiguro Toji could beat Ryomen Sukuna himself. While that question sounds like a large leap, it’s also not an odd question to ask given Toji’s had his own The Matrix moment while fighting Megumi in the Shibuya Incident. It also doesn’t help that up to date in the anime, Toji had been the only one to successfully defeat Gojo Satoru while Satoru was a student. Toji defeated “the strongest” without even having a shred of cursed energy, and it turns out that his Heavenly Restriction made him absurdly powerful even against high-level curses and sorcerers.

10. Zenin Maki

If there’s one thing the Zenin Clan does best, it’s putting great talents to waste. Maki was extremely mistreated by her own family just like Fushiguro Toji, since the Zenin Clan only valued their status in the jujutsu world and their powerful cursed techniques. Essentially, she and Toji were instant rejects for having little to no cursed energy. But both of them also possessed Heavenly Restriction, and it appears that Maki has grown accustomed to her strength. Although Gege Akutami has written that Maki is currently on the same level as Toji, she still has a lot of room to grow and possibly become stronger compared to the former.

9. Tsukumo Yuki

Another of the four Special Grade Sorcerers, Tsukumo Yuki isn’t affiliated with Jujutsu High. Her way of seeking a curse-free world is different, and she simply disagrees with the ways of jujutsu society’s elders. Perhaps one of the reasons Todo Aoi became exceptionally strong was because of Yuki’s mentorship, from which he also inherited his signature line: “What type of girls do you like?” She was known for her great strength and immense cursed energy, as well as her ability to use reverse cursed technique, among many other tricks in her skillset.

8. Fushiguro Megumi

Even up to date, it’s unclear whether Megumi is stronger than Yuji. Regardless, Megumi was bestowed an inherited cursed technique from the Zenin Clan: The Ten Shadows Technique. He is also able to fuse his shikigami for utility, and he could also create a rather complicated domain of his own. He’s already classified as a Grade 2 Sorcerer despite being a first-year student in Tokyo Jujutsu High. Overall, Megumi’s technique and his immense cursed energy was enough to pique the interest of the King of Curses himself. Even Gojo Satoru implied that Megumi could surpass him as a sorcerer one day or defeat him, based on historical events in the jujutsu world.

7. Yuji Itadori

Yuji Itadori is able to go toe-to-toe against Maki herself in terms of strength, but he has significant cursed energy. Being Sukuna’s Vessel and his ability to resist the control of Sukuna are enough testament to how special Yuji is, even if his full powers are yet to be awakened or shown in both the anime and manga. Gojo also placed Yuji on the level of Hakari, and maybe there’s truth to this given that Yuji’s only been aware of curses for a little while but he’s already battling it out against the deadliest curses and sorcerers in the world.

6. Kamo Choso

Choso is the deadliest Cursed Womb Painting, and being a half-human and half-curse makes him a tough contender. Choso’s fight with Yuji during the Shibuya Incident Arc proves that he is currently above his little brother. But he’s not just a strong cursed technique user; Choso is driven by his unconditional love for his siblings and his drive to protect them. He is more than willing to go after one of the strongest sorcerers, even at the cost of his life, for the sake of his family, but his strength may prove that unnecessary. His inherited Blood Manipulation technique and his blood poisoning make him a terrific special grade.

5. Hakari Kinji

Hakari Kinji was a pretty terrible student and a clear delinquent in Tokyo Jujutsu High, but he was mentioned to possibly rival the power of Gojo Satoru himself in the future, along with another character. Kinji uniquely possesses cursed energy with an “edge” to it, or serrated cursed energy, which makes it acutely powerful. If it weren’t clear enough that Hakari is strong, he was also the one to beat Kashimo, one of the strongest sorcerers Sukuna acknowledged from 400 years ago. Even if Kinji himself is a troublesome upstart, he’s undeniably strong and skilled.

4. Okkotsu Yuta

Okkotsu Yuta is the other student that Gojo Satoru believes would surpass him one day, and it’s not hard to see why. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 showed that Yuta could stand his ground against Geto Suguru even during his first year as a Tokyo Jujutsu High student, and he himself is one of the four recognized Special Grade Sorcerers. If that isn’t enough proof of how powerful Yuta is, he also possesses a higher reservoir of cursed energy than Gojo Satoru. Because of Maki’s training, Yuta also became extremely adept at handling various weapons.

3. Kenjaku

Many laugh at Kenjaku for being unserious and occasionally funny in the series, but he’s nobody to mess with. This ancient curse user has mastered his deadly innate domain and could transplant his brain into other people. If that’s not terrific enough, Kenjaku is also able to use the cursed techniques of those he made binding vows with. A man who has lived this long to possess and manipulate people didn’t survive because he was weak, but because he is resilient and strong. He might not be the strongest, but he’s definitely a terror to humanity.

2. Gojo Satoru

Hands down, Gojo Satoru was dubbed to be “the strongest sorcerer” in current history. Satoru manifested an inherited technique from the Gojo Clan: Limitless. This technique allows him to distort space at will. But Satoru is definitely overpowered, and he also inherited a gift innate only within the Gojo Clan: The Six Eyes. The Six Eyes is basically a cheat code that only one user can inherit at a time, and those with these eyes could read a person’s cursed energy and cursed technique with ease.

Gojo Satoru was the only one to inherit both the six eyes and the Limitless technique at the same time in the last 400 years, which explains why he caused the balance of the world to “shift.”

1. Ryomen Sukuna

If you’ve read Chapter 236, you’d know why Ryomen Sukuna is currently in first place. But even without context to the Shinjuku Showdown Arc, Ryomen Sukuna himself was considered to be the strongest sorcerer “in history.” His Domain Expansion, Malevolent Shrine is beautiful and simple, yet it’s undoubtedly powerful. Aside from being the strongest in history, the man has only been getting more power-ups as the chapters go by. He’s a behemoth to fight, and many strong sorcerers and curses have fallen before the King of Curses.

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