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If ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Takes off His Blindfold, How Fast Should You Run?

It's too late, you're already dead.

Satoru Gojo without the blindfold

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen there’s no one quite like Satoru Gojo, one of the trolliest teachers in anime history. However, if anime’s taught me anything over the years, it’s that characters like Gojo act the way they do for a reason—something that the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0 began to scratch the surface of and something that the second season may poke at. For the time being, though, Gojo’s the silly teacher who seems to be asleep at the wheel, but with that nonchalant attitude comes a power that you do NOT want to unleash. He’s unbelievably powerful, and worst of all for his opponents, he knows it.

Gojo’s immense power

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We first get a taste of Gojo’s power when Sukuna attempts to fight him. It’s a brief exchange between the two and one where neither really gets to properly throw down, but it’s a good showing of how quick Gojo is in battle. We later get a proper display of what Gojo can do when the special grade cursed spirit, Jogo, foolishly tries to fight him despite warnings from Geto (the series’ big bad). Let’s just say that Jogo learns the hard way, but it does give us a chance to see Gojo in action.

Before we even get to the part where Gojo takes off his blindfold, he demonstrates that Jogo won’t even be able to touch him. This is because whenever someone tries to hit Gojo, they end up hitting the space between them instead (referred to as Infinity). Watching this scene, I already suspected that Gojo would be strong, but I didn’t realize how overpowered he’d be. How do you stop someone you can’t even hit? Well, you don’t. You kinda get so thoroughly throttled that your opponent is able to leave the battle, get his student (series protagonist Yuji Itadori), and return with him so he can get a lesson on how the power in this world works. This leads to a crash course in Domain Expansion—a technique that locks everyone inside a space where the one who created the expansion has improved abilities (in this case curse techniques). The creator’s attacks also can’t be avoided, and under normal circumstances, this would be an issue for our heroes. For Gojo, it was Tuesday.

Why the blindfold?

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Gojo taking off his blindfold is a sign of him getting serious. In anime terms, it’s a sign that his opponent is about to be completely decimated. Think of Gojo and his blindfold as a, “I’m not trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with me” kind of deal.

When Gojo takes off his blindfold against Jogo (and we realize that Gojo is the most beautiful man in the world), he proceeds to completely overwhelm Jogo’s Domain Expansion with his own—Unlimited Void. Gojo’s Unlimited Void creates a metaphysical space that causes the victims to receive endless amounts of information from the universe itself. It basically overwhelms them into a state of paralysis, leaving them completely open for Gojo to attack. It’s overkill, is what I’m saying, but the most shocking part is that this is just a sample of Gojo’s abilities, especially when he takes off the blindfold.

The blindfold acts as a way to tone down how intense Gojo’s abilities are, as using them too much can easily tire him out. Series creator Gege Akutami explained this in an interview back in 2021 about Gojo and the ability he inherited from his family: Six Eyes. Many thanks to Twitter user @/kaikaikitan for translating the interview.

To put it bluntly, Six Eyes is the eyes that shows cursed energy in so much detail. He can even see like a high-resolution thermography when wearing blindfold. He can even recognize things that don’t have cursed energy, such as buildings, through the residue and the flow of the cursed energy. On the other hand, if he doesn’t wear the blindfold, he will get tired easily, even though he is using the reverse cursed technique to keep his brain fresh. If ordinary people put on Gojo’s sunglasses, they won’t be able to see anything aside from pitch-blackness.

So, I suppose if Gojo takes off his blindfold, you can hope that you’re strong enough to survive long enough for him to get tired. Or you can just…not get on his bad side altogether. Your life would be easier that way.

(Featured image: Gege Akutami, Shueisha, JUJUTSU KAISEN Project)

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